Friday, April 4, 2008

BIMStorm Hits Los Angeles!!

In the February 15, 2008 edition of Architect This Week, Contributing Editor Michael Tardif authored a lead article entitled "BIMStorm Hits LA." In this article, Mr. Tardif describes how on January 31, 2008, 133 design professionals from 11 countries participated in BIMStorm LAX, a 24-hour, online design charette in which another 700 people participated as observers. The task was for 25 teams to develop plans for large portions of the city, creating massing models and schematic designs for 420 buildings comprising 55 million square feet from 600 square feet houses to a 2 million square foot bank tower. According to the article, the grassroots exercise was organized by Kimon Onuma, FAIA, Founder and President of Ohuma, Inc., in Pasadena, California, as a "proof-of-concept" demonstration of the Onuma Planning System (OPS), an online collaboration tool.

The "BIMStorm Hits LA" article goes on to say that Onuma created OPS "as an online platform to organize any available information created in the planning, programming, or building design process and leverage that information for rapid prototying and decision making." The article continues by saying "A BIMStorm allows any and all stakeholders and participants involved in creating the built environment--owners, design professionals, constructors, facility managers, end users and the public--to collaborate in the early decision-making process. It allows all participants to interact with the information in a way that is most familiar to them, whether the preferred interface is a spreadsheet of spatial requirements, adjacency diagrams, scaled floor plans, three-dimensional massing or building models or even hand sketches."

In the "BIMStorm Hits LA" article, Onuma is quoted as saying: "The baseline is that they were all talking the same language and the reality of the project is data (sharing and exchange) that is real-time, live, and accessible (to all project participants) no matter which tool they use or their level of expertise." The article says the tools used in the BIMStorm LAX were: "paper-and-pencil overlays for early concept planning and design; ArchiCAD by Graphisoft, Revit Architecture by Autodesk and VectorWorks by Nemetschek North America for building design; Ecotect by Square One Research for energy analysis; Elit CAD by Elite Software for HVAC Systems design; MARS Facility Cost Forecast System by Whitestone Research for operations and maintenance cost forecasting; Google Earth for "landing" buildings in conjunction with OPS which was used for generating a variety of data and grahpical reports, including spatial data summaries and construction cost estimates."

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