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Panelists Participating in US Construction Industry Revolution National Teleconference Series!


This is the place to learn more about the innovative pioneers who are leading the Collaborative Revolution in the US Construction Industry. Below you will meet each of our panelists and you will find links that lead you to their company websites, to articles, presentations and books they have authored and other information of interest. If you or others in your organization are looking for help executing a collaborative agreement, understanding BIM or utilizing Lean Construction methods CLICK HERE TO CONTACT CCR. If we cannot help you, we can almost certainly put you in touch with someone who can!

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James Salmon is the President of Collaborative Construction Resources, (CCR) LLC. CCR empowers stakeholders in the U.S Construction Industry to utilize collaborative agreements, BIM and lean construction methods to deliver integrated construction services more efficiently and more productively. James was raised on a ranch and in the oil fields of West Texas. His father was a general contractor and his grandparents owned ranches. He was exposed to all aspects of construction from an early age. As a construction lawyer James spent 15 years defending and pursuing construction claims on behalf of owners, architects, engineers and contractors. James is a member of the American Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee and a member of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Wyoming state bar associations. Today, he is a leader in the collaborative construction revolution that is sweeping the industry. Upon founding CCR James immediately joined the National Building Information Model Standards (NBIMS) Project Committee. Soon thereafter CCR joined the NBIMS Project Committee's Business Process Integration Task Team, (BPITT) a team now carrying out its mandate through the buildingSMARTallianceTM, a project associated with the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS). James advocates the use of integrated or relational contracts, BIM and lean construction methods because, when used in combination, those powerful tools exponentially increase productivity and efficiency, saving owners money and earning higher profits for others. The U.S. Construction Industry is desperately seeking a better business model and James is working hard to provide it!

Rich Cardwell is President of Construction Owner Resources, LLC, a wholly-owned ancillary business of the law firm of Peck Shaffer, that is focused on assisting construction owners and their architects, contractors, legal advisors, risk managers, etc. with the sweeping U.S. Construction Industry changes related to collaborative or integrated project delivery and contracts, BIM and Lean Construction. Rich has a 15 plus year background as a construction transactional lawyer on several billion dollars of construction volume. Rich is a long time expert on construction project delivery options and contracting structures and how they can be an asset to the real world of design and construction. Rich is thus well positioned to assist in a consultant capacity the entire the construction industry (in conjunction with parties' IT, legal, risk management and insurance advisors where needed) to take a revolutionary step forward through integrated or collaborative industry form contracts such as the ConsensusDOCS 300. Rich can specifically help guide the initial consideration, preparation for, negotiation of and then implementation of agreements such as the ConsensusDOCS 300 (in conjunction with BIM and lean construction) in the pre-design or master planning, design and construction, then operations and maintenance phases.

Atul Khanzode is a virtual design expert with DRP, Construction Inc. who leads the firm's Virtual Building Group and works with project teams across the country to implement virtual building and design using lean construction tools and processes. With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Atul has worked on healthcare, biotech and advanced technology projects for DPR Construction in the last 10 years. He has focused the last 6 years on helping DPR leverage advanced technologies to improve critical business process. Atul is part of DPR's Information Technology Leadership Team. He has successfully implemented critical business systems for DPR which include DPR's Project Management System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales Forecasting System, company-wide knowledge portal, and Palm handheld-based safety system. Atul is a member of the Virtual Builders Roundtable, a group of owners and industry professionals dedicated to promoting virtual building by creating 3D models of building projects linked to construction schedules. Atul has shared his extensive expertise in Virtual Building with different organizations over the past two years, including Lean Construction Design Forum, Design-Build Institute of America, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, AIA California, Stanford University and San Jose State University Professional Development program. Atul has a master's in civil and environmental engineering from Duke University and a degree in construction engineering and management from Stanford University. Atul is also pursuing his doctorate in construction engineering and management, focused on virtual building and lean construction, at the Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE), Stanford University.

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, Founder and President of Onuma, Inc. Kimon is recognized as a leader in building industry technologies and has a unique perspective that spans architecture, planning, programming and software development. Onuma, Inc. was one of the first firms to use BIM on large scale U.S. government facilities in 1994. Onuma, Inc.'s U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) work for the Sector Planning systems streamlined the design process of 35 sector Command Centers to six months. This project, a web-based BIM Project for the US Coast Guard architects, received a 2006 CETI award in the Small scale Implementation category. In 2006, Kimon authored Chapter Six of the AIA book The 21st Century Architect – Integrated and Interoperable for the AIA Conference on Integrated Practice. In 2007, Kimon was part of the AIA California Council Committee that created the Integrated Project Delivery Guide (IPD) and Kimon currently serves on the buildingSMARTallianceTM Board of Directors. Onuma, Inc.'s recent or current clients include the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), City of San Francisco and the Smithsonian Institute. Onuma, Inc. has also coordinated BIMStormTM demonstration projects in major U.S. cities over the past twelve months which have received major publicity.

Finith E. Jernigan, AIA, is President of Design Atlantic, Ltd, one of the first integrated architecture, planning and management firms. Finith, who resides in Maryland, is an internationally recognized architect, educator, author and publisher. Finith uses proven systems and technology in new ways to help architects, engineers owners, builders and other design professionals move toward a more sustainable and integrated world. An expert in integrated practice and BIM technology, Finith has received unprecedented press recognition for teaching professionals how to use BIM tools and Google Earth in new ways that help save money and make money. Finith's award winning book, BIG BIM little bim – The Practical Approach to Building Information Modeling – Integrated Practice Done The Right Way! Is the most accurate description of how to BIM at this point in time.

Gregory A. Howell, P.E., M.S.C.E. is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), a non-profit organization devoted to production management research in design and construction. Greg brings 35 years of construction industry project management, consulting and university-level teaching experience to LCI. As a popular speaker, educator and author, Greg regularly addresses industry groups on the need for a lean production revolution in design and construction. Greg's expertise in improving productivity has resulted in consulting engagements on power plants, petro-chemical facilities, commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure projects in North and South America and Africa. Greg co-authored Productivity Improvement in Construction. Greg continues to speak and teach around the world, focusing his message on performance gains generated from adapting lean principles, concepts and techniques to the construction project setting.

Dean Reed is the Lean Coordinator and Virtual Building Group Leader for DPR Construction, Inc. Dean has been a leader in the collaborative revolution for many years and he was instrumental in DPR, Inc.'s construction of the Camino Medical Project for Sutter Health in California. Dean is a nationally renowned speaker who has advocated Virtual Building and Design throughout his career. In June, 2007, Dean facilitated a presentation entitled "Leveraging Virtual Design & Construction for Lean Project Delivery" during the Lean Construction Institute's Lean Design Forum. That presentation, delivered in conjunction with four other industry experts, provides a comprehensive overview of Virtual Design and Construction.

William A. Lichtig is a Member of the law firm McDonough Holland & Allen, PC. Will has been a construction lawyer for over 20 years and has seen first hand some of the fundamental breakdowns in traditional project delivery. Will is special counsel to Sutter Health, a major Northern California healthcare organization, where he provides a full range of legal services in support of its $6.5 + billion design and construction program. He has been instrumental in instituting innovative project delivery solutions for Sutter Health and others, including Lean Project Delivery. He has developed unique supporting documents such as the Integrated Agreement for Lean Project Delivery and an Incentive Fee plan. His innovations and contributions to the industry were recently recognized by ENR when he was named an "ENR Newsmaker" for 2007. Will is a frequent speaker on lean project delivery and other construction law topics.
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