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Onuma Planning System Demonstrations!

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Onuma, Inc. is the home of the now world famous BIMStorms and their underlying web-based software program, the cutting-edge Onuma Planning System.

Finith Jernigan, author of the wildly popular "BIG BIM little bim" which serves as a layman's guide to the BIM revolution, is the principal at Design Atlantic, which has provided valuable services to Onuma, Inc. in the context of several BIMStorms.

CCR and its affiliates are extending invitations to select organizations and individuals to observe demonstrations of the Onuma Planning System on July 1, and July 9 at 4:00 p.m.

What is the Onuma Planning System you ask?

The Onuma Planning System, OPS for short, is a cutting-edge web-based software program that empowers stakeholders to help plan, design, build, operate and maintain facilities and infrastructure locally and globally.

OPS was created by the founder of our affiliate Onuma, Inc., Kimon Onuma who has spearheaded a series of impressive BIMStorms over the past year, introducing thousands of individuals, associations and organizations to OPS. Join us and our affiliates for two free, live, invitation-only, one hour OPS demonstrations on the web! Another CCR affiliate, Finith Jernigan, the author of the best selling book, BIG BIM little bim, and the principal at our affiliate Design Atlantic, will demonstrate many impressive OPS features for you. These on-line demonstrations will involve a handful of the activities common to larger BIMStorms, but will give you a glimpse of just how powerful OPS is.

If you are interested in learning more about the BIMStorms generally Click Here.

For more information about the Charleston, West Virginia BMStorm click on This Link.

What Will Be Covered in the Demonstrations?

The focus of these presentations will be on how OPS can help public entities, architects, planners and developers
complete master planning and pre-design, and increase their chances of obtaining government/lender/voter approval of projects, all with minimal training and costs, even for lay persons. For school districts in particular CCR believes OPS can help pass permanent improvement bond issues by providing an additional campaign tool to carefully inform voters of proposed
school buildings and sites. OPS provides all public entities and their
planning/zoning/facility/business offices with more control over their own
capital projects and that of developers. Developers and others in the construction industry can use OPS to increase efficiency and productivity as well.

Feel free to share this information with colleagues you think might be interested in learning more about OPS. Please confirm your participation and that of anyone else and I'll e-mail you the details on how to participate.

Why are we inviting you?

Subscribers to this blog and other professional contacts are being invited because CCR is interested in working with you and your organization to put OPS and other innovative tools to work on your next project. We help clients use OPS and other cutting-edge tools to engage in more productive advanced planning, to deliver construction services more efficiently and productively and to operate and maintain facilities more effectively. This invitation is being extended to CCR's local contacts in the Greater Cincinnati area, to subscribers of to our blog and to professionals James L. Salmon, the President of CCR, has meet over the past several weeks and seminars and other public gatherings. If you cannot personally attend either session please forward this invitation to someone within your organization who can!

We look forward to you joining us! Please RSVP at the email address below so we can provide you with details regarding how to log in for the Webinar. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you and your organization in the future.

Warmest Regards,

James L. Salmon

President, Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC

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