Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bentley Systems and Autodesk to Share Data!

The Interoperability Train is leaving the station!

ENR Reports that two of the largest providers of BIM enabling software programs, Bentley Systems and Autodesk have agreed, in principle, to work together to ensure their software systems can communicate with each other. This is a huge step forward for Collaborative Agreements, Integrated Project Delivery, BIM and Lean Construction!

The article accurately notes:

The interoperability problem has become a drag on the development and use of building information modeling, where 3-D design models are used as the common framework for organizing more and more associated project information. Patrick MacLeamy, a founder and current chair of the International Alliance for Interoperability, welcomes the move and calls it “an important step toward enabling AEC Information to be more broadly shared, increasing the value of BIM to our clients.”

Read the whole thing.

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