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Collaborative BIM Advocates Group Announced!

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Construction Owner Resources, LLC

helps construction owners and their professional advisers adapt to the revolutionary changes sweeping the US Construction Industry. Read COR's White Paper Here.

Onuma, Inc.

Onuma, Inc. is the home of the now world famous BIMStorms and their underlying web-based software program, the cutting-edge Onuma Planning System.

Finith Jernigan, author of the wildly popular "BIG BIM little bim" which serves as a layman's guide to the BIM revolution, is the principle at Design Atlantic, which has provided valuable services to Onuma, Inc. in the context of several BIMStorms.

BIM Education Co-op

The co-op is the brainchild of Mike Bordenaro. To learn more about the BIM Education Co-op click HERE.

Collaborative BIM Advocates!

A Collaborative Network of Professionals Sponsored by:

Newsletter August, 2008

Collaborative BIM Advocates is a professional networking group founded and sponsored by buildSMARTalliance member Collaborative Construction Resources, (CCR) LLC.

What is Collaborative BIM Advocates?

CCR created Collaborative BIM Advocates as a virtual extension of its buildSMARTalliance BIM Breakfast Group, the Collaborative Construction Breakfast Group in Cincinnati. The primary purpose of the group is to help members achieve true integrated project delivery through the use of collaborative agreements, building information modeling, (BIM) and lean construction techniques. Members are encouraged to reach out to one another and build collaborative teams that can pursue major projects together Members are also encouraged to invite other like minded clients and professionals to join us by forwarding this newsletter to them.

Spreading the word about Collaborative BIM Advocates

In the coming months CCR will be promoting Collaborative BIM Advocates through this targeted newsletter, through its regular newsletter and through a series of low cost webinars that will culminate in networking events at the Ecobuild America's Fall Conference in Washington D.C. in December and at the Spring Conference in Denver in May, 2009 where CCR will be a sponsor and a presenter. James L. Salmon, the President and Founder of CCR will be contacting all Collaborative BIM Advocates over the next few weeks (over 200 have joined already!) to learn more about you and your organizations and to create a roster of members. Members should review their own contact lists and forward this newsletter to trusted business partners that might make good collaborative team members.

Who are Collaborative BIM Advocates?

Members currently represent almost every segment of the construction / facilities management industry, from architects, engineers and contractors to owners representatives, software designers, providers and trainers to academics and consultants of all stripes. Drawing our professional colleagues from these disparate disciplines out of their bunkers and into a collaborative conversation will be our mission! The goal is to build collaborative teams that can achieve integrated project delivery through the effective and intelligent use of collaborative agreements, BIM and lean construction techniques. Keep your eyes open for low cost online webinars and teleconferences related to these issues in the coming months!

How will CCR Promote Collaborative BIM Advocates?

In addition to this targeted newsletter and its regular monthly newsletter, CCR will host virtual combined meetings of the Collaborative Construction Breakfast group and the Collaborative BIM Advocates at the Ecobuild America Conference in Washington D.C. in the Fall and in Denver in the Spring. We will also invite other buildSMARTalliance members' BIM Breakfast Groups from around to country to attend the Ecobuild America meetings via Webex or Gotomeeting. While these events will provide tremendous networking opportunities, members should take advantage of additional online learning opportunities between now and then, as participation in such online seminars will expose individuals and their organizations to new ideas and new collaborative partners. Again, stay tuned for announcements related to these opportunities.

As new members join, CCR will ask that they identify
specific projects and owners that might be interested in learning more about these innovative tools. Current members should network with one another and identify such projects and owners as well. Ultimately, the goal is to form actual collaborative teams capable of achieving true integrated project delivery.

Thank you for your interest in this network. We can’t wait
to see the results of our collective collaboration!

Warmest Regards,

James L. Salmon

President, Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC
Phone: 859-441-6033
Cell: 859-802-1118
Skype: JameswithCCR

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