Thursday, November 13, 2008

Collaborative Construction Presents Seminar Titled "Achieve IPD in 3D™!" at the Ecobuild AEC-ST Fall Conference!

Achieve IPD in 3D™!

IPD in 3D™ utilizes Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction methods to create visually dynamic 3D environments that enable real time use of information rich relational databases to craft agreements that facilitate Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and encourage Integrated Decisions, Design and Delivery (3D). Collaborative Construction’s informative presentation, “Achieve IPD in 3D™!” provides an overview of how real stakeholders on real projects are using a new generation of legal instruments, virtual design tools, and lean business processes to revolutionize all phases of the building and construction industries.

You will learn:

How Integrated Decisions are encouraged when stakeholders, acting as members of collaborative teams, negotiate, craft and execute Collaborative Agreements that memorialize collaborative and integrated decision making processes;

How Integrated Design processes can be woven into the fabric of the new generation of Collaborative Agreements as, inter alia, software specifications, enabling effective and intelligent use of the new generation of virtual design tools (BIM) that can also be memorialized in addendums and exhibits to Collaborative Agreements; and

How Integrated Delivery processes are an integral part of the new generation of agreements that enable effective and intelligent use of the new generation of Lean Construction methods, and can, like the other tools, be memorialized in addendums and exhibits to Collaborative Agreements.


James L. Salmon, the President of Collaborative Construction and Founder of Collaborative BIM Advocates will lead off the presentation with an overview of the formidable array of tools available to those interested in pursuing IPD in 3D™. Later, Salmon will highlight some of the more innovative and effective provisions in the new generation of Collaborative Agreements.

Igor Starkov, President of TOKMO Solutions, will introduce you to Lean Construction methods and will briefly demonstrate an innovative software program that enables effective and intelligent use of Lean Construction methods.

If you physically attend the Ecobuild AEC-ST Conference you will have a chance to meet Salmon, Starkov and other Collaborative BIM Advocates, all of whom will be available in the Washington D.C. Conference Center Exhibit Hall. Stop by the Collaborative Construction booth and we will answer your questions and provide more information about this exciting new generation of collaborative tools.

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You can click the main link above to register to attend the Ecoubuild AEC-ST Fall Conference in person. Or you can CLICK THIS LINK to Register. If you do register for the Ecobuild AEC-ST Fall Conference be sure to use the promotional code CCRF8EKC at check out.

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