Monday, December 22, 2008

High Performance Military Housing Summit Announced

Attention Collaborative Colleagues,
Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC, and the BIM Education Co-op are pleased to announce production of the High Performance Military Housing Summit and White Paper.

We are receiving a universally positive response to our plan to demonstrate the U.S. building industry’s ability to provide high-level solutions for national financial and energy issues. Spread the word by sharing this email with your colleagues, clients and other industry leaders.

The Summit will demonstrate our ability to deliver on the new administration’s promise of advanced technology enabling transparent business processes that drive economic development of green jobs.

The dire need for clear, comprehensive plans requires fast action from private industry that supports the goals of collectives such as the buildingSMARTalliance™ and the National Institute of Building Sciences.

The BIM Education Co-op™ and Collaborative Construction Resources are guiding a demonstration of capabilities that highlight what is possible with advanced, web-based planning and design processes. We have participated in similar events before with award-winning results.

While the ONUMA Planning System™ will be the web engine of the Summit, we are not promoting it above the products and services of any other Cost Share Partner. We are demonstrating the improved productivity and profitability that can be achieved from each partner when their contributions are shared in a collaborative manner.

We are seeking Cost Share Partners to fund the Summit, showcasing their abilities, alongside the entire building industry on a collaborative basis. Cost Share Partners will share visibility with preeminent building industry associations and as many other capable contributors as possible to raise the visibility of the Summit to a high level in the eyes of the new administration. However, the Cost Share Partners will maintain prominent visibility throughout the Summit.

You can learn more by visiting the High Performance Military Housing Summit and White Paper page at Collaborative BIM Advocates and downloading documents from the Document Library on that page. Documents include:

- An Executive Summary,

- A Sample Description of the White Paper,

- A PDF copy of the Alexandria BRAC BIMstorm summary, and

- A Cost Share Partner Agreement.

There is strong interest in participation in this demonstration from U.S. Military Agencies, building associations and universities.

This critical activity can achieve a high impact at this crucial time in history through your financial support. We look forward to talking at your earliest convenience to detail the benefits that are of most importance to you and your organization. Contact us today for more information.

Best regards,

Michael J. Bordenaro


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