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Collaborative Construction Resources' Services

Introduction to Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC’s
Innovative IPD in 3D™ System

A Revolution is bringing Integrated Project Delivery, (IPD) Collaborative Agreements, Building Information Models (BIM), and Lean Construction and Design methods to US Markets

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC (Collaborative Construction) provides the legal foundation for the revolution sweeping the planning, design and construction industries. With its innovative IPD in 3D™ System Collaborative Construction empowers virtual collaborative teams to achieve Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in a framework of collaborative and integrated agreements (Collaborative Agreements) while utilizing Building Information Modeling software technology and processes (BIM) and proven Lean Construction and Design methods and techniques on projects. In the planning, design and construction phases, powerful new tools are reducing costs, speeding delivery by months, improving quality, and substantially mitigating risks. Owners of facilities completed in this manner enjoy increased functionality, reduced operations and maintenance costs and long term energy savings. These exciting new tools are improving construction projects of all kinds all across the US and Collaborative Construction is helping stakeholders throughout the construction industry put these tools to work.

Collaborative Construction’s Unique Resources and Services

Collaborative Construction utilizes IPD in 3D™ to help all stakeholders in the construction industry (including architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, owners, sureties and others) form virtual collaborative teams and to complete projects as members of virtual collaborative teams that utilize Collaborative Agreements, BIM, and Lean Construction and Design methods and techniques to achieve IPD in 3D™.

IPD in 3D™ provides clients access to a unique suite of services tailored to the needs of experienced stakeholders in the planning, design and construction industries. These services include strategic and collaborative consulting, access to Collaborative Construction’s dynamic Collaborative Construction Blog, access to a networked group of like-minded professionals known as Collaborative BIM Advocates, informative teleconferences and webinars, convenient on-line consulting, in-person consulting, and individualized employee training. Collaborative Construction helps clients achieve IPD in 3D™ through the intelligent and effective use of Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods and techniques.

Collaborative BIM Advocates is a network of like-minded professionals from around the globe, who are interested in the use of IPD in 3D™, Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods to provide planning, design and construction services more efficiently. Collaborative BIM Advocates, which is sponsored by Collaborative Construction and other members, was founded in August 2008, and distributes its monthly newsletter to over 750 like minded professionals around the globe. Collaborative Construction constantly draws on the expertise of these members to serve clients. This global network of experienced professionals constantly exchanges ideas and referrals through the professional networking site, Linkedin, through the group’s website and through personnel referrals. Members of the group also offer extensive professional training services. This group meet and networked at the Ecobuild America AEC – ST Fall Conference in Washington D.C. in December 2008, and will meet again in Denver in May, 2009. Other like-minded professionals are invited to join us.

Collaborative Construction’s Unique and Innovative Consulting Agreements

The center piece of Collaborative Construction’s consulting services is its innovative Multi-Party Consulting Agreement. Collaborative Construction’s Multi-Party Consulting Agreement is an excellent mechanism for prospective parties to learn more about IPD in 3D™, Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods and to negotiate, finalize and execute an actual Collaborative Agreement. These services can be tailored to meet the needs of a single industry stakeholder through our Single Party Consulting Agreement, but we strongly recommend that our single party clients join forces with other stakeholders as soon as they are comfortable doing so, and enter into a Multi-Party Consulting Agreement as a virtual collaborative team.

Collaborative Construction offers a separate customized suite of services to institutional Owners interested in revising their requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for qualifications (RFQ) to prompt bids from collaborative teams, rather than from individual firms. Owners who request collaborative delivery of planning, design and construction services are seeing substantial increases in the efficiency and productivity from the professionals who deliver those services. Collaborative Construction can help owners revise their existing RFP and RFQ documents to request services on a virtual and collaborative basis.

Individual stakeholders can reach out to knowledgeable and trustworthy collaborative partners and enter into Collaborative Construction’s Multi-Party Consulting Agreement with those partners. Collaborative Construction is willing to meet, for a minimal charge, with prospective clients prior to executing a Multi-Party Consulting Agreement.

Special Features of Collaborative Construction’s Multi-Party Consulting Agreement

Collaborative Construction’s Base Services/Optional Services:

Collaborative Construction’s clients are only obligated at a minimum for Base Consultant Services, a half or full day on-line or in-person introductory meeting. All of the other Consultant Services are Optional Consultant Services and are only provided and paid for if our clients continue to move through the Introduction, Learning, Implementation and Achievement Stages (on one or more Projects). The Multi-Party Consulting Agreement can be terminated by the clients at any stage.

Regardless of how far they progress, all clients will be better positioned in the market when armed with the knowledge Collaborative Construction provides through its innovative IPD in 3D™ System.

Sharing costs, risks and rewards:

Under the Multi-Party Consulting Agreement all clients can share equally in the payment of fees and expenses. Different payment arrangements can be made, and we offer Single Party Consulting Agreements, though we highly recommend clients share the costs whenever possible. Sharing the costs through a Multi-Party Consulting Agreement promotes the all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality clients will need to develop to succeed as collaborative team members who achieve IPD in 3D™ together.

Clients Collaborate Early and Virtually:

Clients learn collaboratively together, as they work physically and virtually alongside trusted business partners to plan, prepare and position themselves to take advantage of these exciting new tools and to pursue specific projects as parties to Collaborative Agreements that enable IPD in 3D™, as well as the effective and intelligent use of BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods and techniques.

Virtual Participation of Clients' Key Advisers:

Collaborative Construction invites extended Staff, Legal Advisers, Risk Managers, IT Staff or Consultants, and all other key advisers of clients to participate, both in person and virtually. All of our clients' relevant decision-makers, stakeholders and professional advisers, both internal and external, are expected to participate, where appropriate, under all of our Consulting Agreements.

Building Strategic Virtual Alliances:

Clients will use the Multi-Party Consulting Agreement to build strategic alliances with one another. Construction owners will have the opportunity test their relationship with prospective architects and constructors and vice versa. Prospective project participants can get 'engaged' to, or extensively interview and evaluate one another through the Multi-Party Consulting Agreement before getting 'married' via a signed Collaborative Agreement. This is particularly important given that Collaborative Agreements are innovative new legal instruments, IPD in 3D™ itself is a relatively new business process entailing new obligations, rights and responsibilities, and BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods are, themselves, recent innovations.

The Ultimate and Virtual Marketing Tool:

Clients will find the Multi-Party Consulting Agreement to be an excellent vehicle for marketing their services to one another and to the broader construction industry both in person and virtually. The Owner will enhance its ability to identify and select highly competent Design Professionals and Constructors, while those entities will significantly enhance their ability to get hired on specific projects. Specialty Subcontractors can also join Collaborative Agreements and audition for a role on virtually integrated projects as collaborative team members. The virtual and collaborative processes encouraged by the Multi-Party Consulting Agreement are far superior to any marketing meeting or traditional RFP driven interview. Design Professionals, Constructors and Specialty Subcontractors will welcome the opportunity to participate in a Multi-Party Consulting Agreement as their involvement will allow them demonstrate their competence and professionalism to the Owner and to ultimately win a position on the Collaborative Team dedicated to achieving IPD in 3D™.

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC and its Founder

James L. Salmon is the Founder and President of Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC. Over the past 15 years, James has been a mediator and construction lawyer. As a trial attorney, James has litigated, settled and mediated hundreds of cases involving a wide range of construction industry issues. James earned his B.A. from Texas Tech University and his J.D. from the University of Cincinnati. After serving as a law clerk to Justice William A. Taylor on the Wyoming Supreme Court in Cheyenne, Wyoming he practiced law for five years with Lonabaugh & Riggs in Sheridan, Wyoming. James and his wife returned to Cincinnati in 2000 to raise their family, and James joined the law firm of Ulmer & Berne, LLP where he maintained a complex construction law practice until April, 2008.

James launched Collaborative Construction in February, 2008 as its President and Founder. Collaborative Construction is a member of the National Building Information Model Standards Project Committee, a member of the buildingSMARTalliance, and a member of the buildingSMARTalliance’s Building Process Integration Task Team, a task team charged with facilitating the integration of BIM into the business models of all entities involved in the facility life cycle. Collaborative Construction’s involvement with these organizations is indicative of Collaborative Construction's leadership on a national scale.

Collaborative Construction is also a member of the Lean Construction Institute, an organization founded by the pioneers of the lean construction movement in the United States, Glenn Ballard and Gregory Howell. James has established and nurtured relationships with leaders in the lean construction movement who provide both consulting services and sophisticated software solutions.

In August, 2008 James formed, and Collaborative Construction began sponsoring, a professional networking group called Collaborative BIM Advocates. The group reaches more than 750 like-minded professionals around the globe and James is constantly working with members of that group to promote improved collaboration on projects all over the world.

Collaborative Construction is also working closely with many members of the ConsensusDOCS coalition, including The Associated General Contractors of America, (AGC) the Construction Users Round Table, (CURT) the Construction Owners Association of America, (COAA) the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) -- as well as leaders at all levels of government -- to ensure that the entire construction industry achieves IPD in 3D™ through the use of Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods and techniques.

If you and your colleagues are interested in learning more about IPD in 3D™ and how Collaborative Construction can help you and your organization achieve IPD in 3D™ through the intelligent and effective use of Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction and Design methods please do not hesitate to call.

Phone: 859-802-1118 (cell) 859-912-7747 (skype)
Skype: JameswithCCR


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