Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brilliant insights into Autodesk's Internet Strategy

David Harrison, the Director of Stress Free Solutions, recently joined Collaborative BIM Advocates, the online extension of the Collaborative BIM Breakfast Club and I am linking to a very insightful article he wrote in August of 2008 analyzing Autodesk's internet strategy. It read as if David and Autodesk's internet strategy team were channeling the Onuma Planning System. I encourage everyone to read what David had to say.

Read the whole thing!


My good friend Finith Jernigan sent the following comment and link that appears germane to this post.

The following youtube video just came to my attention. Some of you may be wondering what the issue is all about, even with the great description of Autodesk's dilemma.

Check out this engaging and understandable description of what cloud computing is all about.

Cloud Computing in Plain English

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