Friday, February 27, 2009

Open Source BIMServer Analyzed

David Harrison has posted another insightful post on his blog that is excerpted and linked below.

David, the founder of StressFree out of New Zealand, conducted an email interview of fellow Collaborative BIM Advocate member Léon van Berlo out of the Netherlands about the open source BIMServer project Léon is leading. David and Léon are demonstrating the type of collaboration the internet enables across continents and around the world. The rest of us would be well served to take note of the high level at which these two young men are discussing and advancing cutting edge concepts from opposite sides of the globe. You will also find David's analysis of the BIMserver project, and the challenges it faces, informative.

We are now at a stage where a computer's speed and network connection are no longer significant process bottlenecks in digital architectural design. As a consequence the need for efficient digital collaboration tools within the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is a growing requirement. The BIMserver project from TNO and the University of Eindhoven is exploring how collaborative design can be improved through the combination of Building Information Model (BIM) and open source server technologies. Unlike conventional, workstation-based CAD software, BIMserver stores BIM data within a dedicated server where it can be accessed by all members of the design team simultaneously. Whilst conceptually not a new idea, the project is the first to move beyond the research lab and be promoted as software (almost) ready for production deployment within AEC organisations.

What is a BIM server?

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