Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DOD Projects Rolling Out

The DOD is rolling out an aggressive contracting schedule around the country as part of the stimulus package. It appears as if much of the work will be awarded to smaller local firms. Local Collaborative BIM Advocate members who are involved in such work should call Collaborative Construction to schedule a workshop or two to arm your team with collaborative tools that will increase efficiency and productivity on the projects. Below is an excerpt from the ENR article describing the program.

"To address staffing concerns, Hemstreet says NAVFAC is hiring more contracting officers, anticipating they will ease the added workload and ultimately replace a wave of officers who are expected to retire in coming years. In regions with high workloads, such as the mid-Atlantic and Southwest, he expects to bring on program managers for pre-award and post-award contract assistance.

Contractors bidding on projects will face a few new requirements under provisions of the recovery act. Among the core criteria, bidders will be required to show how they can “expedite the work and get the money into the economy as quickly as possible,” says Hemstreet. Prime and first-tier contractors selected for DOD work will need to report how many jobs were created or retained through their projects, a measure that will require more detailed contract administration."

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