Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Integrated Project Insurance: A few thoughts

Insurance carriers continue to resist writing policies to cover integrated projects. Carriers were burned in the early 90s when they wrote such policies for use on major sports stadium projects delivered by teams that utilized "partnering principles" in a relatively integrated environment. Some of those projects devolved into litigation and carriers wound up paying claims for things that looked a lot more like breach of contract claims than negligence based claims traditionally covered by insurance policies.

Frankly, until the carriers see statistically significant claims data from a statistically significant number of integrated projects they are not going to provide much in the way new or innovative policy provisions.

Collaborative Construction is working on an Integrated Project Insurance Guide based on the successful insurance programs used for Alliance Contracts in Australia, the North Sea oilfields and Heathrow Airport in the UK.

Meanwhile, it is important to bring the stakeholder's risk management professionals, insurance agents, attorneys and insurance representatives to the table early in the collaborative process. Intelligent analysis of risk allocation, risk sharing and risk mitigation early in the process results in better risk management decisions for the project and the collaborative team members.

I prosecuted and defended a myriad of construction related insurance disputes over the years and I am very familiar with the complex issues involved in insuring an integrated project and / or collaborative teams or team members delivering in an integrated project environment. None of the issues are simple, but addressing them in advance makes more sense than leaving them to fester.

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