Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Real Risk to Designers in the Brave New World of BIM

Design professionals who are reluctant to embrace BIM often cite increased legal risks as a primary reason for not utilizing BIM - or at least as the excuse for not sharing the BIM with others. This attitude is short sighted and misses two critically important points.

First, the failure to utilize BIM - or to share BIM - inhibits integrated project delivery, costing the entire team time and money.

Second, the failure to utilize BIM - or to share BIM - may, in the very near future, be characterized as a breach of the standard of care.

The standard of care for design professionals is rapidly evolving. Design professionals are being asked earlier and earlier in design to provide a level of completeness and accuracy that has historically been delayed until detailed shop drawings are required. Owners and contractors are demanding higher and higher levels of quality, precision, and attention to detail from design professionals. Advanced software programs are enabling the inclusion of more detailed information than ever, and raising the standard of care bar higher every day.

Design professionals must begin paying attention to these issues. The cannot keep their heads buried in the sand and cede their seat at the collaborative table to others.

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