Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BIMStorms Brewing on the Energy Front

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Kimon Onuma and the innovators with whom he collaborates continue to run circles around the stodgy establishment. Below is a press release indicating Kimon is about to unleash a series of BIMStorms on the energy industry. It couldn't come at a better time!

Further down is a link to an excellent on line article by Reason's Lynne Kiesling a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Lynne is a member of the GridWise Architecture Council and she blogs at knowledgeproblem.com Lynne argues regulatory reform in the utility sector is a pre-requisite to an effective smart grid. For the record, I couldn't agree more.

BIM Connects to Energy Industry

Kimon Onuma, FAIA will be introducing his award winning BIMStorm® to the energy industry at ConnectivityWeek, a conference of energy executives at the Santa Clara Convention Center June 9 – 11. www.ConnectivityWeek.com

Conducting a BIMStorm® during his 90-minute “Connected Cities” presentation will allow Mr. Onuma to introduce his proven web-based, cloud computing collaboration processes to the energy industry in a significant manner. In addition to the dedicated 90-minutes showcasing dramatic improvements in energy planning and analysis, Mr. Onuma is scheduled as part of the opening and closing plenary sessions and will participate in five (5) other panel discussions.

Energy Models will be created from Excel in real time; “flown” to Santa Clara; “landed” on Google Earth; and, customized on site in seconds to create energy planning reports based on audience input.

A BIMStorm® - or online “brainstorm” - can involve a few people, hundreds or thousands. These advanced processes help dramatically improve Energy planning and design that contributes to green construction and operation.

For more evidence that these ideas are permeating the mainstream check out the article linked below.

"Imagine a future in which your home has a system that connects all its appliances, entertainment systems, heating and cooling, laundry, and lighting into one communication network. The network would be accessible through a computer screen or a Web-based portal. Through this interface, your electricity company would communicate real-time information about how much electricity you’re consuming, the price you’re paying at different times of the day, and whether the juice is coming from renewable or conventional sources."

Read the whole thing

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