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IPD, BIM & Lean Construction - The Legal Framework Series

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Web-Based Presentations for $49.95

IPD, BIM & Lean Construction - The Legal Framework Series

Collaborative Construction is offering 1 hour web-based presentations - normally priced at $250 - for only $49.95 during the month of July. The presentations introduce participants to IPD, BIM & Lean Construction, and the new generation of collaborative and integrated agreements, addenda, exhibits and protocols that enable integrated teams to deploy collaborative tools intelligently and effectively in an integrated environment. Join forces with other thought leaders in your office and register for a presentation today. Then invite others to join you in the conference room for the presentation. Click the buy now button below to pay and register. James Salmon will personally contact paid registrants to schedule presentations.

Sophisticated owners are demanding High Performance / LEED Certified facilities be delivered faster and cheaper than ever. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the only mechanism whereby such demands can be met consistently.

Design-Bid-Build, and our antiquated procurement statutes, regulations and RFP processes pit stakeholders' economic interests one against another, discourage cooperation and encourage disputes. By contrast, IPD aligns the economic interests of stakeholders, encourages cooperation and discourages disputes.

The Legal Framework Series introduces participants to a new generation of collaborative and integrated agreements - and supporting addenda, exhibits and protocols - that enable the intelligent and effective use of IPD, BIM & Lean Construction methods and techniques in an integrated environment.

Legal Framework Series presentations include:
  • Owners' Request for Collaborative Teams© Review of a document created by Collaborative Construction
  • Agreement Among Collaborative Team Members© Review of a document created by Collaborative Construction
  • Integrated Project Insurance Guide Presentation© A Collaborative Construction document
  • Comparison of ConsensusDOCS 300 Series Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement for Collaborative Project Delivery© with the AIA IPD Documents including the instruments based on the AIA Integrated Project Delivery Guide and the AIA Special Purpose Entity Documen©
  • ConsensusDOCS 301 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Addendum©
  • AIA E202-2008 Building Information Modeling Exhibit Protocol©
  • Autodesk's BIM Communications Specification©
  • AIA's Integrated Project Delivery Guide©
  • AGC Contractors' Guide to BIM©
When you register please identify the three (3) instruments / presentations - in order of preference - in which you are most interested. We anticipate scheduling presentations for up to 10 individuals and/or organizations at a time who are interested in the same instruments. Again, let us know the instruments you are most interested in and we will tailor the presentation schedule to meet demand.

IPD, BIM and Lean Construction processes increase the efficiency with which planners, designers, constructors and suppliers deliver their services and products, as well as the efficiency with which owners, property managers and maintenance personnel operate and maintain facilities. Collaborative or integrated agreements provide stakeholders with a legal framework within which new collaborative business processes can be developed and successfully deployed. Stakeholders interested in learning how all the moving parts of the IPD, BIM and Lean Construction processes fit together will benefit greatly from the Legal Framework Series.

Click the pay now link below and sign up for a presentation today.

James L. Salmon will personally contact you to schedule a session that will meet your needs. Depending on demand, we anticipate scheduling presentations at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month of July. If those days and times don't fit your schedule, let us know, and we will try to schedule a special session at another date and time.

Phone: 859-441-6033
Cell: 859-912-7747
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