Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Generation CCIP

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Integrated team members should consider implementing a CCIP on their next integrated project. And by CCIP I do not mean a constructor controlled insurance program but rather a collaboratively controlled insurance program.

For all the myriad of reasons a constructor controlled insurance program make sense, a collaboratively controlled insurance program makes even more sense.

By involving the insurance agency, the carriers, the owner, the constructor, and all specialty sub-contractors and consultants and designers in the process of risk mitigation and risk management from the outset integrated team members will be able to control and manage risk on major commercial projects more efficiently and more effectively through a collaboratively controlled insurance program.

Collaborative Construction has created a draft version of a collaboratively controlled insurance program for integrated teams. Owners, contractors and design professionals interested in utilizing BIM and Lean Construction and Design processes to deliver construction and design services more efficiently should seriously consider using a Collaboratively Controlled Insurance Program.

The new generation of integrated business processes work best when developed and deployed under an integrated legal framework, and insurance processes and business choices are no different. Collaborative Construction has specialized experience with the legal instruments that support and enable BIM and Lean design and construction, and we would like to help integrated teams craft a CCIP that will work with those instruments.

Anyone interested in drafting an integrated agreement, a collaboratively controlled insurance program, a collaborative logistics and supply chain addendum, a BIM implementation plan, a lean process implementation plan or any other new and innovative business processes that enhances the efficiency with which construction, design, maintenance and operations are delivered on a complex project should contact Collaborative Construction.

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