Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Owner's Project Requirements

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Every project should begin with a thorough analysis of the "Owner's Project Requirements" and such a document should be completed as early in the planning and design process as possible. Such a document will convey what needs to be accomplished to the integrated team, and will focus the Owner's attention on critical elements of the project.

Other benefits include 1) measurable criteria for success 2) owner approved project requirements and guidelines and 3) clarification of programming and design efforts.

Owners and other integrated team members interested in learning more about the benefits of an Owners Project Requirements manual should contact Carol Warkoczewski with Synergy Builders at www.synergybuilders.com 512-263-5521.

Synergy Builders is owned by Carol Warkoczewski who is also the founder of the LinkedIn based Leadership in Capital Projects Forum which recently hosted an excellent IPD workshop in Dallas and will be hosting another one in Austin in February.

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