Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance in Science

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

I'm linking to a fascinating article in Wired Magazine that explains the cognitive dissonance scientists suffer when they encounter data that is incompatible with the theories they seek to prove.

The article helps explain the disconnect scientists suffer when the real world data they gather contradicts their scientific theories.

Advocates of IPD, BIM and Lean principles need to avoid such pitfalls as they seek to prove the viability of these new business processes. Those of us who are intimately involved in the use and development of these innovative new tools cannot simply reference IPD, BIM and Lean processes as a panacea for the ills of the construction industry. We must ensure the processes we bring to bear solve real world problems, not just virtual or theoretical problems.

In particular, we need to provide owners and other first time IPD participants concrete data showing IPD works. Data demonstrating IPD, BIM and Lean principles increase the efficiency with which construction related services are delivered, increase the quality of the work product delivered and enable IPD teams to complete facilities / infrastructure more quickly is the kind of data you need to capture on pilot IPD projects.

In 2010 Collaborative Construction will be launching an organization dedicated to forming teams capable of completing such pilot projects. Interested persons and organizations should contact James L. Salmon for more information.

Wired Magazine Article

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