Monday, February 1, 2010

The International BUILT Association

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

News Release, February 1, 2010

Collaborative Construction is proud to announce the creation of the International BUILT Association of America. As members of this LinkedIn Group know, Collaborative Construction has pioneered the use of Integrated Agreements to create, nurture and leverage trusted business relationships that enable Integrated Teams to expand the scope, reach and effectiveness of their combined resources. Membership in the BUILT Association will mark you and your organization as leaders and will enable you to leverage your relationship with other BUILT Members and win BUILT work.

The International BUILT Association is dedicated to improving the efficiency of planning, design, construction, and maintenance services on facilities and infrastructure projects globally. The mission is to facilitate formation of BUILT Teams capable of using Integrated Agreements, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction principles intelligently and effectively in an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) environment.

Charter Members of the BUILT Association will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative and exciting IPD Reality Series. This revolutionary web-based series will leverage the combined networking power of the participants’ social / business networking tools – such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Constant Contact, iContact, You Tube and similar programs – and will provide a global platform upon which BUILT Teams can display, develop and deploy their IPD skills.

Collaborative BIM Advocate members – both individuals and their organizations – have the opportunity to join BUILT as Charter Members for a combined fee of $500.00. Charter Members – both individuals and organizations – will have the opportunity to renew their Basic BUILT Memberships annually at the rate of $250 as an individual and $2,500 as an organization – with modest increases in those fees tied to inflation – into perpetuity. Charter Members will serve as leaders, innovators and visionaries as BUILT grows.

The BUILT Association’s first task will be to form BUILT Teams capable of completing a series IPD Pilot Projects. Once the initial BUILT Teams are formed BUILT Membership will be opened to non-team members, non-sponsors and non-members of Collaborative BIM Advocates. Individual annual memberships will cost $500.00 while corporate and institutional membership will cost between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 annually, depending on the size of the organization.

Benefits will include access to training materials related to Integrated Agreements, IPD generally, BIM, and Lean Construction, a listing in the BUILT Directory and, most importantly, the opportunity to join forces with other BUILT Members to form BUILT Teams certified by BUILT which are capable of targeting IPD projects throughout the country and around the globe.

I am writing to personally invite each and every member of Collaborative BIM Advocates to join BUILT as a Charter Member, regardless of whether your or your organization are in a position to participate in or sponsor a Pilot IPD Project. Charter Members will enjoy leadership opportunities and lower membership costs that will not be available after the ten (10) Pilot IPD Projects are staffed with BUILT Teams.

Collaborative BIM Advocate members interested in forming, participating in and / or sponsoring a Pilot IPD Project should contact Collaborative Construction right away. Ten (10) Pilot IPD Projects will be selected and BUILT Teams associated with those projects will be formed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Below is a link to the new BUILT website. As BUILT Membership grows the site will grow. Visit the site, print the BUILT Membership Brochure, fill out the application and send your check. I look forward to receiving BUILT Membership applications from each of you and to working with you to form BUILT Teams capable of completing Pilot IPD Projects in a BUILT environment.

BUILT Home Page

BUILT Registration Page

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