Monday, February 1, 2010

Strategic Alliance To Rebuild Haiti

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Collaborative Construction has joined forces with Phi Cubed, an Initial Charter Member of the International BUILT Association, to launch a Strategic Alliance to Rebuild Haiti. The Alliance has formulated a Statement of Purpose and the Alliance's Philosophy is set forth below.

The Strategic Alliance to Rebuild Haiti (Alliance) – a collaborative coalition of world class leaders – is integrated under best of class standards related to the delivery of goods and services necessary for the relief, reconstruction, recovery and rebirth of Haiti.

A “Best for Haiti” philosophy is mandatory for all Alliance members. The goal of the Alliance is to maximize the value added contributions to tangible assets for the benefit of the Haitian people today and in the future.

We began by asking where should the Haitian people be 6 months, 5 years, 10, 20 or 30 years from now? Armed with a vision of a sustainable future for Haiti, we are formulating solutions and investments that provide immediate relief and position Haiti for long term sustainable recovery and rebirth.

Alliance solutions will, invariably, empower the Haitian people. Alliance members will deliver sustainable solutions that provide jobs to Haitians. Unskilled workers will become skilled workers and skilled workers will refine their existing skills and develop others.

Micro-lenders will nurture small businesses in Haiti while innovative professionals will help Haitians develop sustainable localized solutions. Experts in micro-energy production and sustainable energy solutions will share their knowledge. Waste water recycling, water treatment, and agricultural innovations will embolden Haitians to support themselves.

By leveraging their combined knowledge, skills, resources and networked relationships Alliance members will deliver amazing “Best for Haiti” solutions. We invite other innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders to join us!

To learn more contact James L. Salmon - at the numbers listed below - or contact Hector Camps, CEO of Phi Cubed. You can download and print a copy of the Alliance's Statement of Purpose instrument by clicking on this LINK.

PHI Cubed TM
8101 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 306
Miami, FL 33138

James L. Salmon
Of Counsel
Beatty Bangle Strama, p.c.
400 West 15th Street Suite 1450
Austin, Texas 78701
(o) 512-879-5050
(f) 512-879-5040
(c) 512-630-4446
(s) 859-912-7747

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC

Office: 512-879-5050
Skype No: 859-912-7747
Cell No: 512-630-4446
Skype: JameswithCCR

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