Friday, March 19, 2010

BIM in Braille

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Are Owners Getting a Rubik's Cube in Braille?

Scroll down a little further to read about Katy's Birthday and the "Box of BIM Blocks" she gets that she doesn't know how to reassemble. But that may be the best case scenario.

Many Owners who demand BIM are actually given what amounts to a Rubik's Cube in Braille. Sighted Owners are NOT amused.

James L. Salmon
Of Counsel
Beatty Bangle Strama, p.c.
400 West 15th Street Suite 1450
Austin, Texas 78701
(o) 512-879-5050
(f) 512-879-5040
(c) 512-630-4446
(s) 859-912-7747

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC

Office: 512-879-5050
Skype No: 859-912-7747
Cell No: 512-630-4446
Skype: JameswithCCR

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