Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Public Entities Adopting BIM

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

I've been advised that Ohio can now be added to the list of states with a robust BIM initiative. The Buckeye State joins, Wisconsin and Texas as an early adopter of BIM technologies in the public arena.

Of course, California, the GSA, the USACE and Indiana University, among other entities have embraced BIM in certain circumstances, but those three states, Wisconsin, Texas and Ohio are, to date, the only states to adopt formal BIM policies.

In Ohio, the State Architect's office is leading the way. I will provide a link to the announcement when they issue a news release.

UPDATE: Here's the Link to the Ohio Architect's Announcement

Collaborative Construction is monitoring BIM adoption by public entities because public entities that adopt BIM quickly realize the need to modernize their procurement statutes and regulations as fully integrated BIM solutions require fully integrated teams. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is required to fully utilize BIM and IPD cannot be achieved efficiently and effectively under antiquated legal instruments that pit all stakeholders on major projects one against another.

Public procurement officers must be released from the shackles of the Design Bid Build process if the true benefits of BIM are to be realized.

In the coming months Collaborative Construction will be working with interested parties throughout to establish IPD as an approved project delivery method in the state of Texas. Anyone interested in joining the effort should contact James L. Salmon of Collaborative Construction.

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