Monday, June 21, 2010

Product v. Project Debate Continues

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Earlier I wrote about the need to treat facilities / infrastructure more like a product than a project. Matt Stevens, author of the Construction Contractors Digest has authored and interesting article that delves into the similarities and differences between Manufacturing and Construction and the article contains a very helpful chart listing similarities and differences.

My take is that many of differences that cause the most heartburn for contractors can be mitigated, if not alleviated entirely, if an effective integrated agreement is negotiated in advance between the owner, contractor and designer. As always, the best solutions require formation, training and effective management of the integrated team at an early stage.

I encourage readers to print the article and review Matt's chart. He is a consultant to Contractors and his view is a bit Contractor centric, but this article identifies many of the underlying differences between Manufacturing and Construction that limit the effective use of integrated and lean construction processes in the Construction environment.

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Can we "Manufacture" Lean Construction processes?

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