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IPD Round Table Series Launched

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

IPD Round Table Hosting Opportunities

Collaborative Construction invites Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Construction & Design (VDC) advocates to host a series of  informative IPD Round Table conversations around the GLOBE in the coming year.  The IPD Round Table series begins in October and continues monthly.  Hosts will conduct IPD Round Table events at their office with their clients and collaborative partners.  Hosts are free to advertise the event locally, nationally, globally or online.

The pricing for a single city hosting opportunity is $75.00 per month.  To sign up online as a single city host click the second pay now button below.  An annual fee of $600 - $50.00 per month - is available to single city hosts who pay an annual fee in advance.  Entities interested in hosting IPD Round Table sessions in multiple locations should contact to negotiate a discounted annual fee.

Click Below to pay a $600.00 Discounted Annual Fee - Buy Now

Click Below to pay $75.00 Per Month - Subscribe


James L. Salmon of Collaborative Construction will begin each 1 hour IPD Round Table discussion with a short Webinar presentation on an IPD topic of interest which hosts and attendees will discuss. After the Webinar local hosts will have the opportunity to continue the conversation with local attendees in a collaborative setting.  Collaborative Construction will provide each host with a series of questions designed to prompt further discussion at the local level.  Hosts and participants may, from time to time, be invited to make presentations of their own.

Invitations are being extended to firms, organizations and individuals located around the world and we anticipate a interesting and informative conversation among IPD, BIM, VDC and Lean process advocates around the GLOBE.  Questions and answers will come from the from around the world.  All participants - hosts and attendees alike - will benefit from accessing a diverse knowledge base and leveraging that knowledge every month.

  • Recognition in an IPD Round Table Update every month
  • Exposure on the Collaborative Construction Blog
  • Links on Collaborative Construction's Affiliates' Websites
  • Listed on the Sidebar of the IPD Round Table Update
  • Collaborative Construction Newsletter Listing Monthly
  • Discussions in 20+ targeted LinkedIn Groups online
  • Recognition in Hosts' Market as an IPD, BIM, VDC and Lean Leader
  • Education of Attendees Invited by Host Entity Re IPD, BIM, VDC and Lean Processes
  • Monthly Marketing Opportunities Among Select Clients & Collaborative Partners

Host firms will be encouraged to bring cross disciplinary teams to the IPD Round Table events each month and should view IPD Round Table events as the remarkable marketing opportunities they are.  Each presentation will trigger robust debate - first online and then locally - with the hosted conversation continuing long after the Webinar ends.  Firms interested in positioning themselves as IPD leaders in their market will be well served by hosting IPD Round Table events.

IPD Round Table summaries will be distributed monthly through the Collaborative Construction newsletter, posted on the Collaborative Construction Blog, discussed on LinkedIn, mentioned on Twitter and linked on a myriad of affiliated websites.  As Collaborative Construction's network of contacts and affiliated websites expands, so will the marketing power of an IPD Round Table Host's sponsorship of IPD Round Table events.


Collaborative Construction has already received commitments from Hosts in New York, Illinois, Florida, and Arizona.  And we are talking to potential hosts in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim. Don't be left on the sideline!  Sign up to host an IPD Round Table discussion in your community today. 

This GLOBAL flier will be followed by a targeted invitation directed at key firms Collaborative Construction perceives as emerging IPD leaders in their communities around the globe.  No more than 15 firms will be allowed to Host IPD Round Table events during a single Webinar.  We have found that the quality and intimacy of the conversation deteriorates significantly when there are more than 10 to 15 active participants in a Webinar. We will schedule as many IPD Round Table Webinars as demand supports.

Hosts should also consider partnering with potential integrated team mates as Co-Hosts.  If the $75.00 monthly fee is too burdensome for a single entity a Co-Host could split that cost and two entities could enjoy GLOBAL exposure as IPD advocates in a market for $450 each per year.  And Hosts that pay the full year in advance receive a $300 discount and pay only $600 for the year.  

As demand grows, we will add additional IPD Round Table dates to the calendar.  Pricing will be re-visted next year as well, but Charter Hosts will be offered substantial discounts to renew their sponsorships. Finally, individual remote participants will be always be able to attend virtually for FREE.


This initial flier was first sent to recipients of the Collaborative Construction Newsletter, but is now being posted publicly on the Collaborative Construction Blog.  A follow on invitation will be extended to a select group of firms around the world, but hosting opportunities will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  Since hosts will be selected on a first come first serve basis and geographic overlap between hosts will be discouraged, time is of the essence. 

If you are a decision maker in your firm, call and send a check today to secure your firm's spot as an IPD Round Table host.  If you prefer to pay online, you can click the appropriate Buy Now button below to pay a discounted annual fee or you can click the Subscribe button below to pay monthly.

$600 Annual Discounted Fee - Buy Now

$75.00 Monthly Fee - Subscribe

IPD Round Table Topics, Schedules and Host Locations


  • Integrated Agreements - What they and how they work  
  • Trust Based Team Building - How to build effective integrated teams
  • Dispute Resolution - Adjust legal relationships outside the court room
  • Collaborative Insurance - Mitigating and managing risk effectively
  • IPD Incentive Programs - Reward collaborative & cooperative behavior
  • Joining Agreements - Bringing suppliers, consultants and trade contractors on board


IPD Round Table sessions will generally be scheduled for the last Thursday of the month.  Due to Thanksgiving and New Years holidays the November meeting will take place on December 2, 2010 and the December meeting will take place January 6, 2011.  Beginning in February the events will again fall on the last Thursday of the month.

Currently events are being hosted in the US at 8:00 a.m. Central and 9:00 a.m. Eastern.  Those US hosts are joined by hosts in Ireland and India, where events begin at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m respectively.

As more hosts sign up in the Mountain and Pacific time zones those US based hosts will be paired with hosts along the Pacific Rim and the IPD Round Table events hosted by those entities will likely be scheduled for 12:00 noon Pacific time.

Individual remote attendees should contact for login information.

Eastern United States - Hosts invited from these locations
Western United States - Hosts invited from these locations
Canada - Hosts invited from these locations

Israel, Middle East and India - Hosts invited from these locations
Hawaii, Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand - Hosts invited from these locations
European and Turkish - Hosts invited from these locations
Several contacts will be approached in South and Central America and in the Carribean.

If your region is not represented please contact James L. Salmon about IPD Round Table leadership opportunities.  To sign up as a single city host click the pay now button below.
$600 Annual Discounted Fee - Buy Now

$75.00 Monthly Fee - Subscribe


Collaborative Construction's Services

Feel free to contact James L. Salmon of Collaborative Construction with questions at anytime.  We understand that IPD, BIM, VDC and the lean business processes associated with those new tools are not easy to implement.  That's why we are available to serve as IPD Facilitators, Project Neutrals, Project Counsel, or simply as an educational resource.  We can help you and your trusted business partners understand the moving parts of IPD, BIM, VDC and lean business processes.  Contact James today if you have any questions.  

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