Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recession Relief Plan Offered

Collaborative Construction is again offering a Recession Relief Plan
Some say the recession is over, but it's hard to tell it in the construction industry.  The silver lining, slight though it is, is that the recession has accelerated the jettisoning of inefficiencies that have plagued the Construction Industry for years. As readers of the blog know, Collaborative Construction helps clients increase efficiency and productivity.  The recession has been tough on many of our clients and that's why we are offering a Recession Relief Plan that will enable like-minded innovators to join forces and achieve IPD, BIM and Lean in these tough times. 

Preparing for the Boom

Collaborative Construction helps clients form, train and deploy effective integrated teams.  We also help those teams craft, negotiate, and implement integrated agreements that support and enable Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the one hand and Lean Construction processes on the other.  The image of the arch below graphically illustrates the importance of integrated agreements.  We also provide Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Facilitation services and assistance with strategic planning, change management and other challenges.  We make our clients more competitive by increasing the efficiency with which they deliver planning, design, construction and maintenance services in the BUILT environment.

Collaborative Construction's Offer Available until October 31

Collaborative Construction's Recession Relief Plan ends October 31, but between now and then you can retain Collaborative Construction's services for as little as $75.00 per hour!  The unique annual retainer agreement - click a blue link - offers 3 scaled payment options ranging from $75.00 per hour to $150.00 per hour.  As you know, Collaborative Construction's regular hourly consulting rate is $300 per hour so the Recession Relief Plan is a great value.  This is a limited time offer and firms are encouraged to act on the plan now.
Sign up today.  Your Collaborative Workshop will be scheduled right away.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Firms

Are your clients demanding BIM?  Are they asking about IPD?  Do they want Lean planning, design & construction?  Collaborative Construction will help you build the in-house skills necessary to put all the pieces of the IPD, BIM and Lean puzzle together for your clients.

Lower your costs.
Pick up the PHONE and call an integrated partner and invite them to join forces with you in retaining Collaborative Construction's services.  Call that general contractor you know you can trust and retain Collaborative Construction's services together TODAY.  Call that design firm you know is modeling in BIM, tell them you want to join forces and form an integrated team.  Call the specialty subcontractors you know are eager to work in a collaborative, cooperative and integrated BIM environment.  Join forces, form an integrated team in your community to BID AND WIN WORK today. 
If you join forces with just 3 integrated team members the top hourly rate you will pay under the Recession Relief Plan is $50 per hour.  For $50.00 per hour you and your integrated team mates will enjoy 100 hours of carefully tailored Collaborative Consulting services from Collaborative Construction.  If  the three of you split the cost of 500 hours of service for the year you will pay an incredible $25.00 per hour each!  If you form a REAL integrated team and 6 to 9 entities split our fees your costs will drop to as little as $16.66 per hour for 100 hours of service or $8.33 per hour for 500 hours of service.

Collaborative Construction's Services

For those who are UNFAMILIAR with Collaborative Construction's services, or who may still be wondering exactly what services Collaborative Construction offers, we've listed a few of Collaborative Construction's services below.

  • Introducing firms that want a competitive advantage to IPD, BIM and Lean.
  • Formulating strategic plans to help firms compete using IPD, BIM and Lean.
  • Hosting Collaborative Workshops to help firms form and train Integrated Teams
  • Trust building workshops for potential Integrated Team members
  • Trust building workshops for traditional project participants interested in IPD Lite - defined below
  • Hosting Collaborative Workshops for owners who want to receive bids from Integrated Teams
  • Business process analysis in a Collaborative Workshop setting for owners interested in IPD and bids from Integrated Teams
  • Drafting strategic alliance agreements for Integrated Teams
  • Drafting RFPs and RFQs for owners who want to solicit bids from Integrated Teams
  • Owner oriented workshops designed to help owners create building programs around Integrated Teams / IPD
  • Workshops introducing IPD / BIM and Lean to Integrated Team members' clients
  • Providing IPD Facilitation services to Integrated Teams
  • Helping traditional construction teams achieve IPD Lite under traditional agreements
  • Drafting BIM User Agreements for traditional construction teams to facilitate IPD Lite
  • Integrated Land Planning - Co-Consult with one of the nations leading land planners
  • Integrated Design of Projects - Co-Consult with leading 3D architects and structural engineers
  • Integrated Steel Design - Co-Consult with one of the nation's leading structural and specialty steel design teams
  • Integrated Project Decisions - Co-Consult with a leading partnering consultant and technical experts
  • Lean Construction in an IPD or IPD Lite environment - Co-Consult with experts from Lean Construction Institute
The term IPD LITE refers to those situations where an owner and the designer already have construction documents in hand, but they would like to form an Integrated Team with the constructor and possibly others.  TRUE IPD is impossible - the contract horse has left the barn - but there are lots of work arounds available if the IPD Lite team engages an innovative and knowledgeable IPD consultant.
Click a Recession Relief Plan link to download a PDF of the Annual Retainer Agreement.  Read it.  Sign it.  Send us a check.  You and your integrated team mates will be COLLABORATING before you know it.

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