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Interdisciplinary Organizations Supporting IPD, BIM & Lean

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The list below is a first draft and readers are encouraged to email information about additional worthy organization that attract a cross-section of members from the Construction Industry and support innovations that increase efficiency and productivity in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and supporting infrastructure.  This post will be updated periodically as new organizations come to light - or I remember great organizations I left off the initial list.  Review the list and if you see an organization that interests you consider joining.

International Council for Research and Innovation (CIB)

The International Council for Research and Innovation (CIB) is a European based organization that has launched a program aimed at integrating the design and delivery of facilities and infrastructure around the globe.  Led by Robert Owen with Salford University out of the UK the program will explore Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS) and the adoption of such solutins around the globe. Click HERE to download a copy of the IDDS White Paper.  This is an organization that has a cross-disciplinary membership and one that is clearly interested in innovative new tools that will increase efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.
Lean Construction Institute
The Lean Construction Institute is a pioneer in the advancement of Integrated Project Delivery.  Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard started writing about the need for integrated legal agreements before the term was ever coined.  They worked closely with Will Lichtig to bring the Australian Alliance Contract concept to the US and to implement it as an Integrated Agreement on behalf of Sutter Health in California.  This is a GREAT organization and your membership will be well worth the price.  Click HERE to learn more about LCI.

buildingSMART International -  International Alliance for Interoperability

The buildingSMARTalliance, associated with the National Institute of Building Sciences in the US, is the North American Chapter of buildingSMART International. buildingSMART International  has several international chapters.  The buildingSMART alliance is best known in the BIM community for developing the National Building Information Model Standards (NBIMS). buildingSMARTInternational has seized a leadership position globally as an advocate of increased efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.  The group has established chapters in the following locations: Korea, Australasia, Benelux, China, Iberia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Scandanivia, Germany, United Kingdom & Ireland, France and the Middle East, with more planned. The buildingSMART International Council held its most recent meeting in Copenhagen earlier this year.  Click HERE to review information about that meeting.
Construction Information Technology Alliance
The Construction IT Alliance (CITA) is based out of Dublin, Ireland but the organization has worked closely with similar entities in the UK and other parts of Europe.  Recently, CITA has reached out to contacts in the US and it boasts a diverse group of members, all of whom are interested in leveraging IT more effectively in the Construction Industry.  To learn more about CITA you can Click HERE.
The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects
iLINCP is a Texas based institute that is dedicated increasing the leadership skills of a broad range of Construction Industry personnel  The Institute also supports public education and awareness projects and is active in several cities in Texas.  Like the other organizations on this list iLINCP boasts a very diverse membership of highly qualified firms.  iLINCP promotes the formation of cross-disciplinary teams and the ensuing cross-pollination of ideas between those interdisciplinary teams.  To learn more about iLINCP click HERE.
The SLDI BUILT Alliance is a Minnesota Cooperative.  SLDI BUILT arms owners, developers, designers and contractors with the tools necessary to achieve sustainable land development.  The organization also empowers BIM builders - both designers and contractors - to build buildings utilizing integrated project delivery, lean processes and advanced technologies.  To learn more about SLDI you can Click HERE and to learn more about BUILT click HERE.
Alliance for Construction Excellence - ACE at Arizona State University
The Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE) is another cross disciplinary organization dedicated to excellence in the Construction Industry.  ACE is affiliated with Ira Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University and provides a robust series of programs and educational opportunities to interested Construction Industry professionals.  The organization is working hard to promote integrated project delivery as well as the formation and training of integrated teams.  As mentioned in last month's newsletter, ACE is pressing for procurement legislation and regulations that will support and enable use of IPD, BIM and Lean processes on behalf of public owners in the state of Arizona.  To learn more about ACE Click HERE.

Construction Institute - Hartford University
The Construction Institute is a cross-disciplinary organization with owners, contractors, designers and others as members.  As a leading educational authority on the east coast affiliated and is affiliated with Hartford University.  The Construction institute is a non-profit and non-partisan entity with a diverse roster of professionals committed to improving the Construction Industry by sharing experiences and knowledge, advancing relationships and developing business leaders.  You can learn more about the Construction Institute by Clicking HERE.

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