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James L. Salmon's CV

James L. Salmon, President
Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC
Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

James is the President of Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC (Collaborative Construction). His innovative IPD in 3D™ / BUILT program empowers stakeholders in the Construction Industry to utilize Integrated Agreements, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction methods to deliver integrated planning, design, construction and maintenance services more efficiently.  James works with owners, contractors, designers and other stakeholders to craft, negotiate and implement effective integrated agreements as an IPD Facilitator. In addition to initial IPD Facilitation services James can fill the role of Project Counsel, Collaborative Consultant, Project Neutral or almost any other role required by an Integrated Team.

James also maintains the Collaborative Construction Blog and is the founder and manager of the international online networking group Collaborative BIM Advocates.  Collaborative Construction also founded the International BUILT Association, (BUILT) which has now been merged with Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) into the SLDI-BUILT Alliance.

James is dedicated to improving the efficiency with which planning, design, construction, and maintenance services for facilities and infrastructure projects are delivered globally. James' mission is to facilitate formation of Integrated Teams operating under Integrated Agreements that are capable of utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction principles intelligently and effectively in an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) environment.

James and Collaborative Construction work closely with innovators from multiple disciplines to advance the building industry’s understanding of the power of IPD, BIM and Lean  processes and the use of Integrated Agreements that enable the use of those powerful collaborative tools.  Effective deployment of these tools helps integrated teams deliver projects faster, cleaner, cheaper and greener.

James was raised on a ranch and in the oil fields of West Texas. His father was a drilling supervisor in the oil and gas industry and a general contractor and his grandparents owned ranches. He was exposed to all aspects of construction from an early age.  James' rural upbringing instilled an excellent work ethic in him at an early age.

As a construction lawyer James spent 15 years defending and pursuing construction claims on behalf of owners, architects, engineers and contractors. James is a member of the American Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section and is a member of similar sections in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Wyoming state bar associations.  As an experienced construction lawyer James is keenly aware of the practical, economic and legal hurdles the industry faces.

Today, he is a leader in the Collaborative Construction revolution that is sweeping the industry.

Upon founding Collaborative Construction James immediately joined the National Building Information Model Standards (NBIMS) Project Committee. Soon thereafter Collaborative Construction joined the NBIMS Project Committee's Business Process Integration Task Team, (BPITT) a team now carrying out its mandate through the buildingSMART alliance, a project associated with the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS). James advocates the use of Integrated Agreements, BIM and Lean processes because, when used in combination, those powerful tools exponentially increase productivity and efficiency, saving owners money and earning higher profits for others. The Construction Industry is desperately seeking a better business model and James is working hard to provide it.

The knowledge and skills James brings to bear on complex construction projects will be particularly beneficial to all stakeholders as more governmental entities adopted BIM Guidelines and requirements and begin to demand IPD or IPD like delivery methods.  Entities interested in delivering construction and design services more efficiently and increasing productivity on complex construction projects should email James to learn more about these innovative new business processes.


• Beatty, Bangle and Strama, p.c.
Of Counsel, August 2009 to November 2010

• Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC
President and Founder, February 2008 to the present

• Ulmer and Berne, LLP, Cincinnati, Ohio
Senior Associate, January 2000 to April 2008

• Lonabaugh and Riggs, Sheridan, Wyoming
Associate, September 1996, to January 2000

• Sheridan College, Sheridan, Wyoming
Adjunct Professor, January 1997, to January 1998

• Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Adjunct Professor, September 1994, to September 1996

• Chief Justice William A. Taylor, Wyoming Supreme Court
Law Clerk, September 1994, to September 1996


• Bar Memberships and Admissions
o Member, Ohio State Bar Association (Construction and Mediation Sections)
o Member, Kentucky State Bar Association (Construction and Mediation Sections)
o Member, American Bar Association (Litigation and ADR Sections)
o Member, Northern Kentucky Bar Association (Tort and Insurance Section)
o Member, Wyoming State Bar Association
o Admitted in the State of Ohio
o Admitted in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
o Admitted in the State of Wyoming
o Admitted in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio
o Admitted in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky
o Admitted in the U.S. District Court, District of Wyoming

• Select presentations and publications

Strategic Alliances on Integrated Projects, IPD & BIM Forum, Miami, Florida, March 2010

Achieving IPD in 3D on the Construction Battlefield, Leadership in Capital Projects, Austin, Texas, February 2010

IPD, BIM and Lean Construction Processes, Structural Engineers Association of Texas, Annual Meeting, October 2009

How Do Integrated Agreements Work, AGC BIM Forum, Dallas, Texas, July 2009

Collaborative Agreements: How New Legal Relationships Support BIM and Lean Construction, AUGI, Summer 2009

The Legal Revolution in Construction, Journal of BIM, Spring 2009

Collaborative Agreements: How New Legal Relationships Support BIM and Lean Construction, AUGI, Summer 2009

“IPD in 3D™” Collaborative Construction Blog, January 2009

Guest Lecturer on IPD, BIM and Lean Construction Processes at University of Cincinnati

“US Construction Industry Revolution, National Teleconference Series!” (Four separate presentations throughout the month of May, 2008)

“Project Implementation of ConsensusDOCS 300 Tri-Party Standard Contract” (Customized web-based presentation to stakeholders interested in learning more about the ConsensusDOCS)

“Gain Major Competitive Advantages in Today’s Construction Market and Put ConsensusDOCS 300 Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement for Collaborative Project Delivery (ConsensusDOCS 300), BIM and Lean Construction to Work on Your Next Project!” (Live presentation to Construction Owners Association of the Tri-State, COATS)


Author of multiple articles published on the “Collaborative Construction Blog” including:

“Litigating in America!” Collaborative Construction Publication

“Striving for Innovation and Efficiency on Construction Projects” Collaborative Construction Publication

“What is Lean Construction and Why Should Owners Care?” Collaborative Construction Publication

“The Collaborative Revolution!” Collaborative Construction Publication

“What Role Do Specialty Subcontractors Play on a Collaborative Construction Project?” Collaborative Construction Publication

Presented multiple CLE courses including: “Ohio Bad Faith Law” CLE Presentation

“Bad Faith Claims in Mold Litigation” CLE Presentation, “Contractor Exposure to Mold Litigation” CLE Presentation”, and “Comparative Verdicts in Mold Cases” CLE Presentation.

• Community Involvement

o Member, Fort Thomas Independent School District Fund Raising Task Force
o Creator of the Fort Thomas Collaborative Blog
o Member, Johnson Elementary School Site Based Decision Making Council
o Co-Chair, Marketing for Johnson Elementary School Fund Raiser
o President, Texas Tech University Alumni Chapter, Cincinnati
o Volunteer Mediator, Kentucky and Ohio Courts
o President, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Texas Tech University

• Education

o Texas Tech University (B.A., 1991)
o University of Cincinnati (J.D., 1994)
o Certified Mediator, Administrative Office of the Courts, Kentucky

• References
o Available upon request

James L. Salmon, Esq.
69 West Southgate
Fort Thomas, Kentucky 41075

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC
Collaborative Construction Website
International BUILT Association Website
Sustainable Land Development International


Alicia said...

I am still curious of what the term "lean construction" actually refers to, hopefully with my subscription of the site i can find out what that exactly entails, any how if any one lives in the eas texas area and is intrested in fences please feel free to visit

James L. Salmon said...


Lean construction refers to construction methods / processes that adopt and implement the lean business / delivery / logistics / etc. methods that revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Lean construction treats the project as a product rather than as a series of separate parts and pieces and requires optimization of the whole - i.e. the project - rather than optimization of the individual parts and pieces. It works best when integrated agreements put the owner, contractor, designer, specialty designers, subcontractors and suppliers on the same pager through appropriate incentive clauses.