Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nuclear Reactor @ Earth's Core?

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One of the things that has always bothered me about AGW theory is the failure of the computer models utilized by the AGW advocates to account for heat emitted from the earth's core.

Separately, I've always been suspicious of "peak oil" arguments.  Further, I've always wondered how vast uniform reservoirs of oil and gas - which are often trapped beneath rocks that do not appear to have ever seen the light of day - could be produced from a decaying biomass that must have originated on the surface.

I do believe much of the oil and gas trapped beneath the surface has been created by decaying biomass.  But it's not clear that ALL the oil and gas so trapped was created by decaying biomass.

The article linked below hypothesis that hydrocarbons are being "cooked off" at the earth's core and percolating upward to fill oil and gas reservoirs.  Such a supply / source is certainly not infinite, but it is a very different way to envision the creation of hydrocarbons.

Separate from the issue of global warming and whether it is caused by greenhouse gases, this theory is interesting as it may indicate hydrocarbon based fuels are created differently than we imagined and may be more plentiful than we imagined.  I'm not sure I buy the theory, but I thought readers interested in energy issues would find it interesting.
Nuclear reactor at the earth's core?

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