Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IPD Round Table Schedule - Tentative

The IPD Round Table Series launched in October is proving to be a great success.  IPD Round Table sessions are being hosted in Miami, New Jersey, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Ireland and India.  This month we are being joined by a potential host from Canada.  Below is a list past and future IPD Round Table Topics.  If you are interested in hosting contact James L. Salmon for more information.  If you would like to attend an IPD Round Table session virtually or in person contact us.

IPD Round Table – Tentative Schedule of Events 

10-29-10:   Introductory Session – What is IPD, BIM and Lean?

12-02-10:   Contract Session – What’s an IPD Agreement and how does it work?

01-06-11:   Delivery Models – Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, CM @ Risk, IPD, IPD Lite, what works and what doesn’t?

01-27-11:   Trust Based Team Building - How are effective integrated teams BUILT?

02-24-11:   Strategic Alliances – Building integrated teams to deliver interrelated work under traditional contracts.   

03-31-11:   ROI on IPD, BIM and Lean – What is the investment & what is the return? 

04-28-11:   Dispute Resolution - Adjust legal relationships outside the court room. 

05-26-11:   Collaborative Insurance - Mitigating and managing risk effectively.  

06-30-11:   IPD Incentive Programs - Reward collaborative & cooperative behavior.  

07-28-11:   Joining Agreements - Bringing suppliers, consultants and trade contractors on board an IPD team.   

08-25-11:   Collaborative Workshops for Owners – How should owners solicit and receive bids from Integrated Teams? 

09-29-11:   BIM Consultants – Who should you pick and why?  

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