Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Be a Donkey!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Why do I need BIM?

I get this question a lot.  Along with, "What is IPD?" and "Why would a lawyer write an Integrated Agreement that bars the parties from suing each other in court?"  Below are a few thoughts on the topic of BIM.  The moral of the story... don't be a Donkey!

Increase efficiency and productivity: 

BIM enabled firms reinvent the wheel less often. BIMless firms reinvent the wheel EVERYDAY. Leveraging BIM will reduce the time and energy required to gather, retrieve and analyze critical data. This increases the efficiency with which planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance services are provided. Firms that develop the knowledge base, skill sets, and workflows required to implement BIM effectively increase their profit margin.

A BIM a day keeps the lawyers away: 

Firms that deploy effective BIM implementation plans are less likely to wind up litigating disputes. First, an effective BIM implementation plan prompts open and honest communication, a recipe for project success. Further, even if disputes arise they are easier to resolve in a BIM environment because there is less ambiguity regarding critical design and communication. This limits lawsuits.

Don’t fall down the well:

The Design-Bid-Build delivery model forces stakeholders on projects to operate alone at the bottom of a well. BIM enabled firms work together, above ground, in a collaborative and cooperative manner. The resulting plans, designs, construction processes, business operations and facilities maintenance efforts are superior to those crafted by donkeys at the bottom of a well.

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