Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Integrated BIM - Communication is the Key

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Greetings good readers.  I sent in an article to the AUGI last summer and forgot about it because I never got a copy of it.  Today the folks at AUGI sent me a link to the online version of the magazine, noting my article is on page 15.  Integrated BIM Article in AUGI.  It is on the page NUMBERED 15 but it appears to be on page 17 of the web-based version of the magazine.  It took me a few moments to find the article and a little longer to adjust it to a readable size, but I finally got the hang of it.  Online publishing strikes me as as the future, but I still like to print things so I can mark them up and highlight key points.  Regardless, this is the future and we need to embrace.

Below is a cute video of two twins "talking" to each other.  As I watched the video I was reminded of discussions between "experts" regarding IPD, BIM and Lean concepts that sometimes go over the audiences head.  Thus my admonition in the title, "Communication is the Key."

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