Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IPROBLUE Tech is onto something!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

How many times have you stood in the mud scribbling notes related to a field level problem, all the while dreading the thought of transcribing your own chicken scratch when you get back to the office?  Lawyers, we often resort to our hand held dictation devises and leave the transcription to a secretary, but most folks are forced to jot down notes in a catch as catch can manner.  Engineers in particular dread recording data in the field because they know how tedious it will be to incorporate that data into their work product.

IPRO Tech has begun creating apps available on your iPhone that will enable you to capture critical data in the field and synch it with your BIM software from the field!  How cool is that?  Below is a link to an article in ENR describing the company's launch of its steelHD app for iphones.

The developer, IProBlue Tech., Fort Lee, N.J., says [steel hd], for the iPad, is based on a database comprising American Institute of Steel Construction manuals. It also has libraries with all the structural-steel profiles available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. An Android version is on the way. 

The piece reminds me of the excellent ENR cover story from March 7, 2011 titled "Aligning Data for the Life Cycle."  I've dissected that article - incorporating much of what it has to say about ROI on BIM into my ROI on IPD, BIM and Lean Processes presentation - and I will post a few thoughts on it later.  Meanwhile, take a look at what the guys at IPROBLUE Tech offer.  I really think they are onto something here given the rising demand by owners for functional digital assets.  Pretty pictures alone just won't cut it anymore.

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