Friday, April 22, 2011

Another CFL Bulb Article of Interest

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Here is another CFL Bulb article as a follow on to the earlier post below.  This article details certain research indicating the gases surrounding hot CFL bulbs may cause cancer.

Given the propencity for plaintiffs lawyers to comission "studies" to support the law suits they file - the autism "caused" by vaccines fraud being Exhibit A - I'm skeptical.  In fact, claims that cell phones, microwave ovens, PCBs, etc. etc. cause cancer remind me of George Carlin's bit where he reported the FDA had determined that salivia causes cancer, but ONLY if swallowed slowly over a very long period of time!

That said, the rush to ban incandesent bulbs and replace them with a technology that has not been fully vetted is proving problematic.  I did receive a thoughtful comment on the defetive CFL Bulb post below from a reader in Arizona.  He says:

It appears that a couple of mfgrs from China, some of these sold through some of the discount warehouse chains are the primary culprits. Most all of these are screw base lamps. When we specify LEED credited fixtures they must have the 4-pin base to prevent a user placing a traditional "A lamp" incandescent lamp as a replacement. These 4-pin lamps are installed by contractors and are manufactured by the reputable folks like GE, Phillips and the like.
As to the performance, I haven't seen any supporting documentation recently that shows if the lamps are truly performing as they are supposed to. If I come across something along those lines, I'll be sure to pass it along.

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