Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AIA TAP Event Highlights Owner's Desires

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

"At the American Institute of Architect's 2011 convention in New Orleans multiple government building leaders and other owners released short videos describing a unified approach to information sharing between building owners, architects and construction contractors that can save billions of dollars each year. Industry leaders have long understood that modeling building construction and operation using uniform information (BIM) improves construction quality while reducing costs, but last week's AIA Convention offered the first unequivocal, concise direction on future building industry data sharing."

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I was glad to see the article above as it ties in nicely with the series of articles I am writing for the BUILT to FM section in AUGIWORLD over the next 12 months.  Sophisticated consumers of planning, design and construction services who also happen to be long term users of the facilities planned, designed and constructed are desperate for functional digital assets that will enable them to operate, maintain and manage those facilities and any accompanying infrastructure over time.  The AIA TAP Committee - which sponsored this parade of owners is led in part by Kimon Onuma who has long advocated the use of opens source neutral platforms for BIM data.  It appears as if owners are beginning to recognize the power they wield in the market place. 

Stakeholders in the AEC Industry who are interested in planning, designing and constructing facilities for the new generation of owners will have to deliver functional digital assets of the kind demanded by these owners.  Readers are encouraged to contact Collaborative Construction for more information.

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