Monday, May 23, 2011

What Owners Want.... They Want IT ALL!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Below is an excerpt from the article I wrote for the June edition of AUGIWorld Magazine.  I will publish a link to the full article later this summer, but I wanted to provider readers of the blog and the Collaborative Construction Newsletter with a preview.  In addition, I'm linking, here, to a copy of the initial article, "An Introduction to the Revolution" published in May in the BUILT - BIM to FM section in AUGIWorld Magazine.  The article is on pages 21 -23 of the online version of the magazine.  As the title of the article implies, it introduces the series which explores BUILT - BIM to FM, the process whereby functional digital assets are delivered to owners by planners, designers, constructors, commissioning agents, and utilized by their operations and maintenance personnel over life of a facility and any accompanying infrastructure.

The June article, titled "What Owners Want" lays out the conceptual framework for the procurement of functional digital assets from an owner's perspective.  Subsequent articles will delve into the nuts and bolts of BIM, IPD, lean business processes, trust based team building, laddered alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, strategic alliance agreements and other mechanisms for achieving BIM to FM in a BUILT environment.  The articles highlight the concepts developed by Collaborative Construction in its innovative IPD in 3D program and in the BUILT System it has pioneered.  In the article I argue:

Increasing efficiency in the AEC Industry puts $1.1 to $2.3 trillion in potential savings in play world wide, creating an industry in and of itself.  Separately, operations, energy and maintenance costs represent several TRILLION dollars more from which additional savings can be extracted over the life cycle of a facility and its infrastructure.  IPD, BIM and lean processes deliver functional digital assets which empower decisions that drive increases in efficiency and savings on the trillions of dollars spent over the life cycle of facilities and infrastructure world wide.  

The image below accompanies the foregoing text and graphically illustrates the immense savings available to owners who leverage these tools and demand use of IPD, BIM and lean on their projects.

Over the next few months this blog will focus on the BUILT - BIM to FIM series and similar efforts throughout the country and around the world to highlight the benefits owners glen from IPD, BIM and lean processes.  Specifically, I will be linking to the AUGIWorld Magazine articles in the BUILT - BIM to FM series and to a series of owner presentations delivered in conjunction with the AIA TAP Committee's presentation at the AIA meeting in New Orleans on 05-11-11.  Kimon Onuma coordinated that effort in a mini-BIMSTorm style and did a great job of gathering presentations from a diverse array of owners.  Kimon recorded the presentations on his Vimeo page and you can view them all there at your leisure.  If readers know of other informative materials that might be of interest to owners exploring the adoption of IPD, BIM and lean processes in an effort to procure functional digital assets please contact me and I will link to those materials as well.

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