Monday, June 13, 2011

Shale Gas - Where is it and how should we develop it?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The map below shows the extensive reach of shale gas formations in the US.  At Collaborative Construction we are working to put together integrated teams capable of delivering planning, design, construction, operations and maintenace services to key stakeholders involved in these gas plays around the country.  We are particularly interested in helping governmental entities in these locations procure planning, design and construction services from entities capable of delivering fully functional digital assets to those governmental entities that will empower intelligent and efficient operations of the facilities and infrastructuctrue delivered for generations to come.  I grew up in West Texas during the oil boom and I see extensive opportunities and pitfalls here.

South Texas is booming, as is western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia and North Dakota as well as parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.  Of course New York has issued a moratorium on fracking so none of the vast shale gas reserves in western New York are yet being tapped.

Governmental entities in these boom areas will have the need and opportunity to upgrade a variety of infrastrucrure in their communties and integrated teams capable of planning, designing and constructing such infrastructure intelligently and efficiently can positively impact lives, the economy and the environment.

Anyone interested in joining such an intergrated team should contact Collaborative Construction.

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