Thursday, June 16, 2011

USGBC and LEED Standards Under Attack

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

In 2009 I lamented the fact that high performance building standards and similar certification regimens are forcing stakeholders in the construction industry to pound round green pegs through square brown holes.  In our collaborative workshops I routinely warn designers and constructors not to over promise when it comes to green results.  The article linked below describes litigation filed against USGBC over its LEED program and highlights many of the risks I alluded to in the green peg square brown hole post.

Continued caution is warrented in this arena, but there are also substantial opportunities associated with these increasing demands for leaner, greener more efficient facilities.


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LEED said...

We are looking to try building our new commercial building to LEED standards. I am just asking to see if anyone out there has been through the actual process with their own commercial building or any business.