Friday, July 29, 2011

Economic Impact of Marcellus Bigger than Thought

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Good news regarding the impact of these shale gas plays continues to role in from around the country.  The group we are putting together to provide collaborative consulting services to communities in the throes of the boom are, I think, timely.  I've been busy on the big case I'm consulting on in Cincinnati, but will try to focus on this project a bit more soon.

A Lucrative Investment - private companies are on track to continue investing billions of dollars in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus natural gas. According to the study, $5.3 billion was spent on drilling activities in 2009, an estimated $11.5 billion will be spent in 2010, and on pace to $12.7 billion in 2011.

Increases GDP, Jobs, and Revenue - $11.5 billion in spending in 2010 generated $11.2 billion in additional value. The employment in the state jumps to +336,000 jobs for 2011-2012. And $2.6 billion generated in additional tax revenues during 2011-2012.

Here's a link to a PDF of the 68 Pg Report

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