Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Middle East Development

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

As regular readers know Hector Camps and I will be presenting to the Middle East chapter of the International buildingSMARTalliance next Monday.  Mike Bordenaro with the BIM Education Co-Op is working with us on our presentations and he sent me the heads up on the Abu Dhabi project.  You can follow this WEBEX LINK to register for the presentation. 

The article linked below discusses the effort by Over Under to layout a vision for the development of Abu Dhabi's Sowwah Island.

Designated as Abu Dhabi’s new Central Business District in Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, Sowwah Island is designed to meet long- term commercial and community needs. Located at the nexus of the existing city and new growth areas such as Reem and Saadiyat, the 114 hectare project is envisioned as the focus of a fully integrated commercial and financial center that is also a vibrant mixed-use community. Sowwah Island will provide a compelling and dynamic environment in a compact urban context.
As Abu Dhabi’s new Central Business District, Sowwah Island represents a significant investment in the capital city’s future. As such, the client has sought to protect the vision of the Island as a world class development that is characterized by high quality architectural design. This is being achieved through the Architectural Design Controls that are both island-wide and plot-specific, intended to create a set of flexible performance-based criteria that permit scope for design imagination without sacrificing quality. The ADCs also determine the process by which design proposals will be reviewed for compliance.

Read the whole thing.

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