Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carbon Nanotubes to Replace Cooper Wire?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The article linked below describes a break through by researchers at Rice University who have created a carbon nanotube based cable to carry electrical current.  Advances in nanotechnologies will, eventually, impact the BUILT environment in ways we cannot even imagine today.

Making lightweight, efficient carbon nanotube wiring as conductive as copper has been a goal of nanotechnologists since the 1980s. Individual carbon nanotubes—hollow nanoscale tubes of pure carbon—are mechanically strong and an order of magnitude more conductive than copper. But unless carbon nanotubes are put together just so, larger structures made from them don't have the superlative properties of the individual tubes.

The production process sounds remarkable simple to my uneducated mind.  If a noncorrodable easily installed product weighing 1/6th what cooper weighs enters the market the potential for innovation in all things electronic seems immense to me.

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Kim said...

This would truly be a remarkable turn for technology, especially in the construction industry.