Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ethical Oil v. Conflict Oil

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Canada's vast oil sands represent a huge percentage of the world's proven oil reserves and, as noted earlier on this Blog, those reserves are being developed in an environmentally conscious way by our neighbors to the north.  An online non-profit group has been promoting Canadian oil as "Ethical Oil" and the campaign struck a chord with me.  Apparently is struck a less pleasant chord with the Saudis who are now threatening legal action against Canadian media outlets that air ads advocating Ethical Oil.  In the article linked below the founder of the non-profit group contends:

Normally, Islamic extremists focus their hatred on the Great Satan — the United States. But Canada is now an enemy of the Saudis, too. Because we’re competitors to them for oil. Within ten years, the oilsands could totally replace Saudi exports to the U.S.

Below is a link to one of the the grou['s ads and to the article.  From my perspective the Saudis would be better served by addressing the underlying issues that give rise to the criticism than bullying Canadian media outlets.  In our interconnected web-driven world it strikes me as a bad idea to seek to suppress free speech from half way around the world.  You can check out the video and read the article and form your own opinions.

Read the whole thing

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