Friday, September 2, 2011

The hatch on another bunker creaks open!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Are lenders begining to talk to contractors BEFORE they finance the project?  Are they also talking to contractors DURING the project?  Oh my.  What a novel concept.  In the article in Ingrams linked below two Kansas City lawyers describe the epiphany their lending clients are experiencing.  If only we could convince lenders to offer lower interest rates on financing for IPD projects where EVERYBODY talks BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the project.  Should they?  Yes.  Will they?  Not likely.

The New BFFs:  Construction Lenders, Contractors

What's next, insurance companies talking to the participants of a project BEFORE they start suing each other?  Let's hope.

Below is an excerpt from Collaborative Construction's marketing materials detailing the benefits of integrating lending instruments, legal agreements and insurance products - including surety bonds - on projects deploying IPD, BIM and Lean porcesses.  Could it be that lenders and insurers - who have been HAMMERED by bad loans / claims in the downturn - are finally ready to talk IPD, BIM and Lean?  Let's hope.

Collaborative Solutions Series
Executive Summary

Collaborative Solutions Drive Profits

 Innovation, modern problems and modern solutions are complex. This complexity creates opportunities for innovators. Collaborative Solutions empowers clients to deploy innovative solutions to complex problems in the $4.6 trillion global construction industry. Many possess the infrastructure and capacity to leverage solutions in complex environments across multiple markets. Collaborative Solutions provides a roadmap for integrating planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance services with innovative lending instruments, legal agreements and insurance products for clients interested in doing so.

The Fragmented Construction Industry is Broken

The construction industry typically fails to leverage integrated business processes and web access effectively. The industry delivers projects – not products – in a piecemeal fashion that exponentially increases waste and risks. Stakeholders operate in silos – a product of antiquated financial instruments, legal agreements, surety bonds and insurance products – and fail to share knowledge across disciplines. Lean experts contend the industry’s deeply flawed processes costs trillions annually. Revolutionizing these complex processes saves clients billions and increases profits and market share for innovators.

The Integrated Manufacturing Industry as a Model

 Manufacturers who pioneered business process integration reap benefits globally. Sophisticated manufacturers track conceptualization, design, fabrication, sales, distribution, warranties, service, and every other facet of a product’s life cycle. The same is rarely true of a facility or supporting infrastructure. However, emerging market forces – driven in large part by environmental concerns and government mandates – are pressuring the fragmented and dysfunctional construction industry to deliver high performance buildings and functional digital assets. This the industry cannot do sans integration. Insurers who support new generation integrated tools with integrated insurance products will increase profits.

Collaborative Solutions

Integrating planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance with new collaborative business processes expands markets, increases competitiveness and enhances profits. Integrating new business processes into lending instruments, legal agreements and insurance products requires cross disciplinary cooperation among highly skilled professionals. Clients can leverage innovative business processes through the Collaborative Solutions Series. Deploying innovative solutions will increase efficiency, profits and institutional knowledge of IPD, BIM and lean processes for such clients.

 If you encounter lenders, lawyers, insurers, contractors, developers, designers, or owners who need help intergrating processes in the construction arena please have them call.

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