Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LEED-igation Against the USGBC?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The term "LEED-igation" is a cleaver description of what I've been warning of on this blog for years.  In the context of building performance service providers at every level need to under promise and over deliver.  The pipeline of LEED-lawsuits is only beginning to fill.  Once the plaintiffs' lawyers draw blood the sharks will be drawn the wreckage like - well sharks.

This topic fits hand in glove with my mantra that BIM has become the new standard of care in the planning, design and construction industry.

LEEDigation, a term coined by Christopher Cheatham, principal of The Law Office of Christopher W. Cheatham LLP and publisher of Green Building Law Update (, encompasses a multitude of potential disputes that arise from LEED certification, green technology, and all other green building components.

LEED Liability and You

Hat tip to Andrew Abernathy for the heads up on this one!
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