Friday, September 30, 2011

NPR Discovers the Oil Boom in North Dakota

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The article linked below highlights the need for communities experiencing boom times to plan for the future.  Collaborative Construction is working on a collaborative workshop series that will be presented in Canada and we would like to visit our friends in North Dakota while we are in Canada. 

The shale oil and gas reserves being discovered throughout North America are going to have long term geo-political ramifications.  The availability of "ethical oil" at low prices is going to break OPEC's monopoly and the economic, political and cultural fallout is going to send shockwaves around the world.  Dictatorships throughout the middle east will continued to be impacted as will our allies and enemies elsewhere around the world.  Below are a few excerpts from the NPR piece.  These boom towns represent tremendous opportunities for advocates of IPD, BIM and lean business processes as the mechanisms by which integrated teams plan, design, construct, operate and maintain lend themsevles to task of solving the complex array of problems these communities face.

Amy Myers Jaffe of Rice University says in the next decade, new oil in the US, Canada and South America could change the center of gravity of the entire global energy supply.

"Some are now saying, in five or 10 years' time, we're a major oil-producing region, where our production is going up," she says.

The US, Jaffe says, could have 2 trillion barrels of oil waiting to be drilled. South America could hold another 2 trillion. And Canada? 2.4 trillion. That's compared to just 1.2 trillion in the Middle East and north Africa.
Jaffe says those new oil reserves, combined with growing turmoil in the Middle East, will "absolutely propel more and more investment into the energy resources in the Americas."

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