Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coal to Liquid Fuel Story

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My impression is that the gas to liquid process utilized by Shell's Pearl Plant in Qatar is more efficient and more environmentally friendly than the coal to liquid process pioneered by Nazi Germany during WWII, However, the article linked below indicates a company in Wyoming is producing diesel fuel from coal at a cost that is competitive with oil at $60 per barrel.  That number is, I think, very similar to the gas to liquid cost discussed in prior posts here.

Ultimately, cheaper more abundant and more reliable energy will be the best medicine for our economy.  I've grown more and more skeptical over the last year of the need to "decarbonize" our economy.  We certainly need to protect our environment but I don't see the benefit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater as many of my green friends seem intent on doing.

Not sure how new the ideas discussed in the article are but it does discuss another use for coal which is widely available in the US.

Read the whole thing

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