Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Green on green violence shutters windmills at night

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The story linked below highlights one of the enduring conundrums faced by advocates of renewable energy.  Renewable energy production kills endangered species just as dead as production of energy from fossil fuels does.  Shutting down renewable energy production hardly seems to advance the cause.

With windfarms killing protected bats and birds, hydroelectic facilities depriving endangered fish and other species of habitat and solar farms wiping out vast swaths of desert habitat its looking more and more like we need to take another long hard look at developing fossil fuels more responsibly.

Until renewable energy technologies mature no one interested in sustainable design and development is going to be well served.  Market based renewable energy solutions, which would be more viable in a deregulated utility industry, make sense.  Having the federal government pick winners and losers based on the amount money bundled for campaing contributions does not. 

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