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BUILT - BIM to FM in AUGIWorld Magazine

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Not sure how many have been reading the new BUILT - BIM to FM Section of AUGIWorld Magazine but I wanted tor remind readers of the section, invite comments on future articles and share a few thoughts on the content published to date. 

The link above takes you to a page from which you can select any issue discussed below.  PDF copies of those issues are available as well - online -and if you are interested in a PDF copy of a specific article published in the BUILT BIM to FM Section shoot me an email. 

The links below take you to the specific online issue in which a linked article appears.  Take a few minutes to review the online magazine and bookmark the page for future reference.  As the editor of the BUILT - BIM to FM Section I will continue to write feature articles there.  Also, if any readers have any ideas for articles please do not hesitate to contact me.

The section launched in May, 2011 with an article titled "An Introduction to the Revolution" in which I outlined the rationale for the use of integrated agreements to support Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling and other virtual design and construction tools and software (BIM) and lean business processes.  The article provides an overview of key concepts related to integrated agreements and the use of such agreements on a project specific basis.

The article published in June 2011, was titled "What Owners Want" and laid out the case for functional digital assets from the owners perspective.  Publication coincided, roughly, with an excellent BIMStorm in New Orleans that addressed the same topic.  My presentation at the IPD Round Table that month addressed owners' desires in some detail and we discussed Texas A&M University's demand for BIM to FM on a major project and other examples of owners demanding BIM.

In July, in an article titled, "Procuring Integrated Services" the BUILT - BIM to FM Section addressed the mechanisms whereby owners - both public and private - can procure planning, design and construction services from integrated teams.  Again, the topic was featured in the IPD Round Table session that month.  More and more institutional owners are demanding BIM to FM and more and more of those owners are coming to realize the current procurement process is broken.  The rules and regulations that control delivery of services in the BUILT Indudstry require providers to operate in a series of silos and in accordance with the classic, dysfunctional and utterly broken Design, Bid, Build model.  Procuring services under the Design, Bid, Build model actually inhibits the delivery of such services by integrated teams.

When I was in Texas I spent a good deal of time lobbying for inclusion of an IPD procurement mechanism in the state statutes.  Though ultimately unsuccessful, the experience opened my eyes to the challenges associated with procuring planning, design and construction services from integrated teams within the framework of the existing rules and regulations.  I set out, over the next few months to research the issues, seeking a solution.

The August and September issues of AUGIWorld Magazine featured guest columnists Andrew Abernathy, Mike Bordenaro and Professor Bob Smith.  Andrew wrote an article titled "Value Driven Project Delivery" in which he delved into the nuts and bolts of integrated project delivery and outlined six (6) keys to success.  In an article titled "Revit Plug-in Allows BIG Data Sharing" Mike and Professor Smith introduced readers to a Revit Plug-in that utlizes BIMXML to capture data in a wide variety of software applications - including CAD, Sketchup, Archicad, Bentley, Tekla, etc. - and pour that data over into the Revit model.  Thanks to the efforts of these guest contributors I had time to research the procurement issue in depth.     

Armed with research into the condundrum faced by institutional owners seeking to procure planning, design and construction services in an environment dominated by Design, Bid Build, I wrote "A Wicked Primer", the article that was published in the October issue of AUGIWorld Magazine.  That article treats is the first in a series of articles in which I will argue for a new legal framework within which to deliver planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance services in the BUILT Industry.  The November issue, due out any day now, will feature an article titled "Wicked Problems in Construction" where I continue to lay out the challenges we face.  In the coming months I will address wicked tools, wicked solutions and the use wicked workshops to align the interests of disparate stakeholders involved in the delivery of integrated services in the BUILT Industry.

Here, on the Collaborative Construction Blog, I will be publishing excerpts from the articles above and expanding on the thoughts set forth in those articles.  Insitutional stakeholders, including, lenders, insurers, sureties, national organizations representing the interests of public and private owners, contractors, designers, trade contractors, suppliers and others need to join forces and create a new legal framework whithin which planning, design, construction, operations and maitenance services can be delivered more efficiently.  A new legal framework that streamlines, simplifies and integrates services across disciplines and throughout the lifecycle of a facility has the potential to save billions if not trillions of dollars. 

In the coming year Collaborative Construction will be working with interested stakeholders to achieve these lofty goals.  Meanwhile, contact us if you need help delivering BIM or lean processes in a traditional Design, Bid Build environment, help negotiating and implementing an integrated agreement on a specific project, help introducing in-house personnel, clients or collaborative partners to IPD, BIM or lean processes or help with any vexing aspect of your next project.  If Collaborative Construction cannot help you I bet we know someone who can!

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