Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flipping the Classroom

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

I've linked to Khan Academy materials in the past.  Below is a link a Vimeo video of Salman Khan speaking at an education conference.  Below that I've linked to a substantive article detailing the work the Khan Academy is doing on the educational front. 

Salman Khan remarks from the Future of State Universities Conference from Academic Partnerships on Vimeo.

The Problem Solvers

I'm posting the link for readers of the blog as I think the combined use of online webinars - recorded for use by keystakeholders at their leisure - followed by collaborative workshops where real-life teams come together to apply the lessons learned via the online materials represents a viable model for delivering knowledge of innovative new business processes - like IPD, BIM and lean solutions - that will be of real value in the accreditation arena in the near future. 

Khan's effort to "flip the classroom" matches what Collaborative Construction does via its webinars and live collaborative workshops.  Recorded webinars represent the practice and review that takes place outside the classroom in an interactive online environment while the collaborative workshops represent the intensely collaborative class time facilitated by Khan's online learning center which provides the teacher with valuable data regarding each student's progress.

The Khan Acadamy team has focused on capturing the learner's progress up the learning curve - however slow, swift, steady or uneven it might be - and providing insightful analysis to teachers based on that data.  There is no reason an accreditation scheme at the professional level could not provide similar levels of feedback to participants, employers, clients, partners and others.

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