Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Federal Egg Patching Programs - Humpty Dumpty & the Feds

I laughed out loud when I read the quote below.

The real political division in American today is between those who think the old days can come back if the government does the right things (tax rich people; pump enough money into state and local government, health care and the higher ed industry; raise tariffs high enough and sprinkle enough subsidies on enough industries to protect and rebuild the manufacturing sector) and those like Via Meadia who think that Humpty Dumpty can’t be put together again, no matter how many of the king’s horses and king’s men set up federal egg patching programs.
While analysis of the failed blue model of government - aka the nanny state - lies at the heart of Professor Mead's essay, I couldn't help but think of my recent Humpty Dumpty posts and grin wryly in support of his thesis.  In the built industry, we deploy egg patching teams every day.  Ocassionally those teams are federally funded, but often they are funded by state and local governments and even private owners.  There is a tremndous amount of waste in our system too.

Professor Mead continues:
Automation and outsourcing will combine to limit employment opportunities and income levels for most accountants, lawyers, architects and even some types of medical specialists. (X rays and CAT scans can be read as easily in India as at the local specialist’s office, and given the exponential improvements in software, many other medical processes will become susceptible to outsourcing and automation.) There is no sacred dictate from on high mandating that design work and research need to be conducted in North America by people of European descent.
Ouch! Now he's really hitting close to home.
The built industry, like our government, needs to jettison failed processes and adapt a new generation of tools that enable us to delivery BIM enabled infrastructure.  Further, if we intend to do so using integrated team capable of operating in an IPD environment on cross disciplinary BIM platforms, the jettisoning likely needs to begin now.

For those who are interested the entire article is linked below.

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