Friday, February 10, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Information

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The Humpty Dumpty analogy aplies equally to information generally.  Too often project failure strolls hand-in-hand with the failure to communicate. 

Effective integrated teams share information in a collaborative and cooperative environment.  Integrated teams openly and honestly communicate pursuant to legal instruments that support, enable and reward desired behaiviors and discourage detrimental behaviors.  Behaviors that increase the efficiency with which a team delivers planning, design and construction services should be encouraged.  Behaviors which increase the quality of the infrastructure delivered should be rewared.  Behaviors that enables owners and users of the infrastructure to operate and maintain infrastructure more efficiently throughout the life-cyle should be supported.  Conduct incompatible with the foregoing should be discouraged.

Treating information like Humpty Dumpity, that is indiscriminately tossing it over the wall or leaving it perched precariously on the wall, should not be encouraged.  Traditional legal instruments used to procure planning, design and construction services too oftern encourage just such treatment of critical information. 


  • Owners toss Program information over the wall to designers.
  • Designers toss design data back over the wall to owners.
  • Owners toss "construction documents" over the wall to the general contracting community
  • GCs toss bid packages over the wall to the trade contractors
  • Designers toss bid packages over the wall to specialty designers / consultants
  • Trade contractors toss bid specs over the wall to their specialty designers
  • Specialty designers return the favor
  • GCs and trade contractors toss information over walls to suppliers, fabricators and transporters
  • Everybody does it to the installers / erectors / laborers with boots on the ground
  • Everybody does it to the owner and the users at project handover

IPD and BIM can help improve the process.

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